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Collect The New ‘Toy Story Shufflerz’ Before They’re Gone

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Posted by Nia • February 23, 2019

The Disney store and shopDisney have released new Toy Story Shufflerz collectibles. The limited edition toys feature your favorite characters from the beloved Toy Story films: Woody, Buzz, Rex, Bo Peep and Alien. On the 4th Saturday of each month Disney/Pixar will be celebrating a different Toy Story film in anticipation for Toy Story 4, which comes to cinemas June 21, 2019.

The Toy Story Shufflerz are compact, adorable, and filled with energy that will keep you and your loved ones entertained for days. Not only do they perfectly depict the iconic characters from the films, but when you press the top of the toys 10 times, they suddenly become alive as they aptly “shuffle” away from you.

Check out the toys below, and be sure to collect yours soon at a Disney Store near you or online at shopDisney.


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Incredibles 2 Merch – Will You Be Buying Your Own Super Suit?

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Posted by Joanna • May 27, 2018

Well done, super-fans! You’ve waited patiently for over 13 years, and now Incredibles 2 is only half a month away! Have you noticed all the new merchandise appearing on store shelves? Of course we were all expecting the Disney Store to come out with a good amount of Incredibles 2 merch, but we’re loving the variety of their range! You can browse their selection here.

Some of my personal favourites have to be the Incredible Mom and Dad mugs (and yes, the UK versions switch ‘Mom’ for ‘Mum’!). Father’s Day is on the 17th of June this year, which just happens to fall on Incredibles 2‘s release weekend. Perfect Father’s Day gift, perhaps?







Shop Disney also has plenty in the way of toys and action figures, including a Jack-Jack and Raccoon Boxing Puppet Set – ridiculous, in all the best ways. There are also super-costumes and super-t-shirts for the whole family.

But if you’re looking for Incredibles 2 merch, then your search doesn’t need to stop with the official Disney store! Walmart are selling this amazingly detailed Jack-Jack doll, which comes with his raccoon nemesis (although they look like they’re on much friendlier terms here). We already know from the end of the original The Incredibles that Jack-Jack has gained a large variety of somewhat unstable superpowers – this doll takes inspiration from this by being able to change colours to replicate some of his different powers, such as teleportation and electricity.

Walmart are getting in on the action too, selling Incredibles 2-themed bedding, figures, and playsets.

How much Incredibles 2 merch do you already own? Will you be arriving at the theatre on June 15th in your newly bought super suit..? We’re pretty sure Edna Mode wouldn’t be too happy about us buying supersuits from anywhere but her own studio, but at least we’re trying our best.

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It’s Incredibles Day! Here’s How Pixar Are Celebrating

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Posted by Joanna • May 14, 2018

Happy Incredibles Day! Incredibles 2 is just a tad over a month away – Pixar are building the excitement by releasing more and more teasers, merchandise, and offers, and even announcing today (May 14th) as Incredibles Day. So what exactly does Incredibles Day entail?

1. Later today, Pixar will be streaming a liveshow on YouTube

This liveshow will be taking us inside Pixar, and we’ve been promised a “super sneak peek at new swag, activities, obstacles, and more.” The video will be being led by actress Ashley Eckstein. It’ll be starting at 4PM Pacific time. Watch below:

2. There’s an exciting Twitter giveaway going on!

If you live in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco or Philadelphia, and you’re a fan of The Incredibles (which we’re sure you are), then follow the Twitter link below to enter the giveaway and be in with the chance of receiving a surprise today!

The surprises on offer are special edition posters, collectable merchandise, a pair of tickets to see Incredibles 2 in IMAX, or even a trip for two to the Incredibles 2 premiere in LA – flights included! The flights are being provided by Alaska Air, the company that Pixar teamed up with to create their super Incredibles themed plane.

3. Vintage Toy Ads have been released for Frozone, Elastigirl, and Mr Incredible toys (and they’re amazing)

Pixar have posted retro commercials for their new Incredibles toys and they’re beyond entertaining to watch. They even have theme songs! Watch them below:


We hope everyone’s Incredibles Day turns out super! If you were lucky enough to win a surprise in the Incredibles 2 Twitter giveaway, be sure to let us know what you won on our own Twitter! (@upcomingpixar)

In case you missed it over the weekend: Pixar also recognised Mother’s Day with an Elastigirl TV Spot, jam packed with clips of her being a more-than-incredible mom. Here’s the video below:

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