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Toy Story 4 details surface

New details on Toy Story 4 have emerged. Since the project was announced last November, the reaction to it hasn’t been the most welcoming. Kyle recently shared an interview with Pixar’s president Jim Morris, and he had some interesting things to say about the 2017 feature. Bonnie 1

The interview appeared on Disney’s Latino News blog. What can be gathered from my translation is that this fourth film is not a continuation of the third one. If that’s the case, does this mean it’s not part of the trilogy at all? Is Toy Story 4 going to function as a separate film entirely? Is it, as Kyle also wrote, more in the vein of the shorts and specials?

Morris also mentioned that the film will be a romantic comedy. And that’s not all, the relationship the toys have with children and people will not be explored. Now this is interesting, because we would have to infer that Bonnie’s role won’t be expanded further, since that’s the only child Woody and the gang interact with. And if this is true, it’s pretty disappointing. We knew from the press release that Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (Celeste and Jesse Forever) were on hand for the script and that a love story would be the focus of the fourth film. We also know that Jones’ involvement is the strong female voice John Lasseter wanted in the writing.

As of now all we have is speculation, but this is certainly an intriguing set of developments! Toy Story 4 is set to be released in June of 2017, with Lasseter sitting in the director’s chair.

What do you think of these new Toy Story 4 details?


4 Responses to Toy Story 4 details surface

  1. Nathan C. says:

    “…This fourth film is not a continuation of the third one.” Then…why would they even bother making a sequel anyways?

    Also, if there’s a change in the creative scope of the franchise, that can’t be good thing. I still won’t forgive Cars 2 for a farcry from the original Cars film.

    • Jordan says:

      Though it may not be a continuation of the original trilogy, meaning it doesn’t follow Bonnie after Andy gave his toys to her, it doesn’t mean the movie doesn’t take place in the same toy story universe. The film could have an entirely new cast of toys, and could also be at a different time than the trilogy. It could also be set in the distant future, where children’s toys are no longer a thing – where most children are playing with technology instead of toys. Knowing pixar, they always like to think outside of the box, so they want to do something different and explore new themes and ideas, even with a new cast and basic scenario.

      Whatever they decide, I trust pixar will make the right decision.

  2. michiel wouda says:

    Interesting… I like the idea of a Toy Story 4 because I dont want it to end. The stories got better and better as the moviea continued.

    A storyline set in the future filled with childrens technology and toys no longer in use seems like a fresh way to re-introduce the theme to us. After all the same thing took place in the first part where ‘old fashioned’ Woody was almost replaced by the supermodern high tech Buzz. So the theme for the series isnt new, like with Cars and Cars 2 where they changed the whole feeling of the film.

    Cant wait to read more about this, for now Im optimistic and excited to see Woody and the gang (will they even be featured?) on the big once (twice, thrice) more 😀

  3. Blake says:

    Tim Allen tweeted about TS4 when it was announced, so I feel like that confirms the original gang still playing a part in the film. It will be interesting to this all unfold, that’s for sure.
    I do think TS3 was a perfect ending and I don’t necessary think it NEEDS to continue, but I don’t want to let that prevent me from being excited for what will likely be a superb film.

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