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Win your own Blu-Ray copy of The Good Dinosaur! (Closed)

Win a Blu-Ray copy of The Good Dinosaur

To celebrate the release of The Good Dinosaur on DVD and Blu-Ray, now available in the US, and available in the UK on March 23rd, Upcoming Pixar is giving you the chance to win your very own Blu-Ray + Digital HD copy of Pixar’s epic foray into the adventures of Arlo & Spot!

We have one Blu-Ray copy of The Good Dinosaur (in Region A or B) to give away to a special Upcoming Pixar reader. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post below, answering the question: How has Pixar inspired you to make your mark?

Entry submissions are now open (February 29th) and will close Wednesday March 9th at 11:00PM Pacific. We can’t wait to read your responses!

Update: Congratulations to our winner, marcomboy! Stay tuned for more giveaways throughout the year, and thanks for reading Upcoming Pixar!

Competition rules apply and can be read via this link.


25 Responses to Win your own Blu-Ray copy of The Good Dinosaur! (Closed)

  1. Pixar has inspired me by working hard and becoming a better animator to create my own masterpieces one day!

  2. Monkey says:

    Pixar has inspired me to make my mark as their films inspire me to go out of my way for greatness

  3. Erik says:

    Their commitment to “story first” has inspired me to do the same in my work with children’s healthcare, which has had wonderful results.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Pixar has inspired me to make my mark by being an inspiration to switch to an animation major so that I can help create the films that make many people so happy.

  5. Ben says:

    Pixar has inspired me to make my mark by blogging about my love for animation and concurrently pursue a career in film marketing and business!

  6. For me, Pixar has left their mark, and inspires me greatly with their positive brand, producing family friendly animated films that offer high quality, clean content for people of all ages. And as a result, Pixar has inspired to make my mark by continuing to be a positive individual, and role model for people of all ages.

  7. There’s something special about Pixar. I remember growing up in the ’90s and seeing Toy Story for the first time when my parents bought it for me on VHS. It was so amazing. It is definitely one of the greatest films of all time. Up to that point, all the movies were hand drawn. To see a movie that was computer animated was such an advancement, and to have the story be so good. Wow! I remember getting a different Buzz Lightyear action figure like 2 or 3 Christmases in a row. I was so into Toy Story growing up! All I have to say is I still have my VHS copy of Toy Story 1 & 2! I remember going to see Toy Story 2 in theaters when I was like 4 years old and Toy Story 3 when I was 15, crying my eyes out near the end. Pixar films are not only my childhood movies, but they are part of my life today. They are almost embedded in my DNA. I love showing my 3 year old niece movies I grew up watching. She loves Monsters, Inc. and this past Christmas I gifted her the entire Toy Story collection. Pixar inspires me to not be afraid to break the mold and be different. I hope it inspires everyone else in the world, including my niece Delilah. Thank you for the opportunity! I would love to win this Blu-ray to watch and share with my niece 🙂

  8. steven says:

    The first movies I have ever seen have been created by Pixar, with the creation of films every year and the hard work put it, I can truly see myself working in the film field in the future. I sadly have not got the chance to see this movie, and it would be amazing to see it, so one day I can truly make my mark on the world.

  9. Maya says:

    Pixar ….you are…my shining star! Why> Because if there is one way to calm my 4 and 2 year old down when they are a bit rambunctious…it is to insert a Pixar movie into the Blu-Ray Player! 🙂 Just today when I called my little guy a “little guy” he said, “Mommy, like Spot is to Arlo? He is his little guy!”

  10. JIm O'Neill says:

    For me, Pixar is a reminder that I should not fall in love with an idea. I need to be willing to shake the Etch-a-Sketch and start over. Throw away a chapter that isn’t working. Discard a storyline regardless of how much work I invested in it if the final product isn’t going to be worthy of an audience.

  11. Juan Ruiz says:

    I remember watching toy story for about 7 consecutive times on my old VHS when i was just a kid. since that movie, pixar has become a big part of my life and an inspiration for my illustrations and work in general. thank you guy for making wonderful movies.

  12. Bernie W says:

    Pixar inspired me to pursue a job with the Walt Disney company. I quit my job and moved to Florida and got a job in Finance at the Walt Disney resort. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  13. Jim White says:

    Pixar has inspired me to be more creative as a pastor and to tell good stories!

  14. Luis Javier says:

    Pixar has inspired me to pursue my graphic design career, as i loved since little drawing and making cartoons, it has showed me to keep improving myself, and believe i can do better. All the great messages from the all the movies they have create helps me guide everyday with optimism and pride and to never give up, not even on the smallest things in life.

  15. By believing the impossible is possible!

  16. Claire says:

    Pixar inspired me, since childhood, to go to school for animation to one day work AT Pixar. There’s nothing I love more than this studio and the art they make. I’m currently getting my bachelors in animation, and Pixar inspires me to pursue that career everyday.

  17. Pixar has inspired me to be a better man in life, a good father and to never stop pursuing my dreams!!

  18. marcomboy says:

    Pixar has inspired me to make my mark by reminding me that anyone can make a difference no matter how big or small – from Flik to Mr Incredible – just don’t give up on reaching your goals even when obstaticles come your way

  19. Rodolfo Morales says:

    Pixar gives their best when making movies and I strive to give my best in all I do too.

  20. Kevin Robinson says:

    One of the things that really inspired me is when Pixar was working on Toy Story 2, and they didn’t feel it was there best work, but Disney was trying to force them to release it. Pixar said no and stood up to Disney and started over from scratch so they could make a movie they were proud of. I think about that all the time, and taught me to always do your best and never give in.

  21. Miluakenst says:

    Pixar has made great films since their beginning, and each film has showcased that greatness can come from anywhere by anyone which has inspired me to make my mark on this world.

  22. kleathers23 says:

    Pixar has inspired me to think outside the box and to remember what it’s like to be a kid. That attitude is essential in my job as a special education assistant teacher.

  23. Kyle Branch says:

    Pixar has inspired me to leave my mark by consistently creating beautiful, heartfelt films that remind me why I love the entertainment industry and encourage me to pursue my dreams of working in said industry.

  24. Abby says:

    Pixar’s inspired me to become a better artist and has taught me that it’s possible to bring fun and positivity into most situations. Ever since I was a kid, watching Toy Story and Finding Nemo over and over again, I was obsessed with Pixar, and now that I’m older I can actually take in the movies to their full extent and follow Pixar and their creators on a whole different spectrum. Pixar has helped me make the most out of my situations by not only providing me amazing content but also inspiring me to always create. It’s inspired me to bring positivity and art into the world.

  25. Tasha Hearn says:

    Pixar has not only inspired me to pursue all my dreams, but has taught me the importance of family, friends, believing in yourself and others, never giving up, and that it’s okay if your lost because something that may look like a sad ending could be a happy beginning. With knowledge like this making my mark is something I can do daily by working hard and understanding the great in not only my life, yet everyone else around the world.