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9 Min Ratatouille Clip

The 9 minute Ratatouille clip is up at If your game, go have a watch! Oh and tomorrow, I will be posting a 10:30 min clip, that is aimed at the Australians.

Very, very exciting! Looks absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait!!!!

UPDATE: /Film points out it is essentially the footage played at WonderCon earlier in the year.
And the whole clip goes for 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Makes me wonder if this is exactly what Australia is getting or if they are getting an extra 1:30mins of footage.
And if you can, view it at Disney XD, where I found the download speeds for viewing a lot faster.

0 Responses to 9 Min Ratatouille Clip

  1. JV IS TIZ!!! PIXAR says:

    A 10:30 min clip of Ratatouille?…Awesome!

  2. Shadowbird... says:

    I stayed up till midnight just to watch this. I love the music…Michael Giacchino is a talented, versatile composer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Err, chef – I’ve got an order for more superlatives, we’re fresh out!

  4. Mitch says:

    Simply beautiful…beyond words. I didn’t get to watch it at midight, but heck….it was wonderful all the same!!

    Thanks for the update, luxo jr.!

    shadowbird – Amen to that. Giacchino’s socre almost had me in tears at the end….

  5. Dale says:

    Just a heads up that this blogger has taken some lovely screencaps of the clip.

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