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A daring rescue, a carnival jaunt, and a hard choice…

Toy Story 4

Yesterday’s Disney Shareholders meeting revealed some new details for Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story 4. The film has already generated lots of excitement for the reappearance of Bo Peep, also clad in pantaloons and a much more active heroine in the newest installment. Now we have more of a plot shaping around these old and new characters.

Woody has a decision to make: stay with Bonnie or stay with Bo. Is there a happy medium? Can Bo become a cherished new addition to Bonnie’s room? Or is she, like Forky, not content to be a toy the way Woody insists everyone to be? Toy Story 4 was originally described as a love story between Woody and Bo. Now it seems like that storyline is being further explored with a much more weighty angle.

While Woody has always been adamant that his place is with a kid, he’s also missed Bo Peep a great deal. One of the most subtly heart wrenching moments in Toy Story 3 is the sadness in his face and voice when Rex mentions her name. Could she upend his entire philosophy?
And then there’s Forky. He, like Buzz in the first movie, doesn’t want to be a toy, doesn’t even want to be sentient. How will his story play out here?
It’s remarkable that Pixar could create a whole universe from the simple concept that children wonder about or believe in: their toys coming to life. An expanding universe filled with beloved characters and thought provoking questions.
June 21st just can’t get here fast enough!

Last modified: March 8, 2019

Simoa (Elliefredricksen) is Editor in Chief of Upcoming Pixar and an aspiring Pixar heroine. She joined Upcoming Pixar in 2014 and is always excited to see how her favorite animation studio changes and grows.