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A Review of Cars

I was extremely lucky enough today to go to a preview screening of Cars. I am going to give a review (No Spoilers I might add), for you all as to prepare you for the exciting event that is Cars.

Now before I start I would like to send my sincerest thanks to Alison, Gary and the folks at Buena Vista International is Australia for setting me up with the tickets. I am very thankful because you made me the most happiest person in the world today.

Now to the review…

The trailers, teaser trailers, tv spots, exclusive clips, etc. for Cars don’t even come close, in my opinion, to what the film is really like. Even other peoples reviews can’t cut it. To understand what I am saying you’ll have to see the film. Cars would have to be the best film I have seen since The Incredibles. That’s right, way back in November 2004. John Lasseter and Pixar have absolutely outdone themselves on this film.

The story is great. No muckining around, no dilly dallying, its fast paced and the ways Lightning McQueen develops is very well done. The movie is also very very funny! The audience around me, as well as myself, all laughed throughout the entire film. And people have been very right when they have said that this is the most emotional of all the Pixar films. I must agree. There are some very sad sequences. Emotional in a number of ways for myself. As a Pixar fan I was saddened by the loss of Joe Ranft. To hear his voice in the movie as Red was quite touching. Also to see his name as Co-Director was very nice, as well as the tribute to him during the credits showing all the characters he has played in Pixar films.

The camera angles during the race scenes are stunning and that is the beauty of animation, you can create those amazing camera angles that you can’t do in a live action film. Hearing the roars of the crowds and the revs of the engines was such a rush during the race scenes. The lighting, colouring and texturing of everything from the trees and mud to the shine on the cars body was absolutely stunning and all very realistic. Taking a glance at some scenes i.e. during the Sally and McQueen taking a drive scene, I thought I was looking at a photograph. And that was not a bad thing. Seeing McQueen glide around corners was so much fun to look at.

To put a lot of your minds at rest, the film , although it does have a strong racing theme, was not like watching a movie about racing. I am not a fan of racing for one. But the racing scenes were just thrilling to watch. Don’t let the fact that your not a racing fan put you off. The film has a lot of heart. When John Lasseter first said to his wife Nancy that he was going to finally make his ‘Cars’ movie, she said to him that 99.5% of the world are not racing fans. And John Lasseter has made sure everyone will love this film. Racing fans will pick up on certain inside jokes like the voice of Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Pixar fans will love looking for the Pizza Planet Truck as well as other Pixar references. One clue, For The Birds/Power Line. (BTW, I can confirm the presence of the Pizza Planet Truck and you can see him quite clearly. I still wish I could find it in The Incredibles.)

Now I’m going to give you a heads up here. Stay to the very end of the credits. For one, the credits are very fun to watch. And also at the start of them there is an extremely funny scene with Mack. And two there is a clip at the end.

If I could I would give this film a 6/5, but I can’t so I am going to have to give it a 5/5. And this is not because i’m a huge Pixar geek. It’s because this is a genuinely excellent film. I can almost guarantee you will love it. Be sure to be first in line on June 09 for you folks in the U.S. and the June 08 for those of you in N.Z. and Australia. It’s an event not to be missed.

I’d like to put out a huge congratulations to John Lasseter, Darla K. Anderson and the rest of the Pixar team who worked long and hard over this film to bring it to us. Well done and I am sure everyone will absolutely love it. CONGRATULATIONS!

Now I am sure there will be some of you wondering about the Ratatouille teaser trailer. I did see it and it was very funny. Unfortunetly I could not pick up on who was playing any of the characters. And to me, the chef didn’t sound much like Brad Garrett mainly because I have never heard Brad Garrett put on a thick french accent. Bring on the cast list Disney and Pixar.

One Mand Band….Very cute and very funny! Congratulations to Mark Andrews, Andrew Jiminez, Brad Bird, Osnat Shurer and the rest of the folks over at Pixar who worked on this excellent short film. Well done! I loved it and so did it seem everyone else in the audience.

And that my friends is all I have to say for now.
Bring on June 08/09 so I can see it again!! YAY!

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  1. Phoenician says:


    I can not tell you how excited you’ve made me when I read your non-spoiled review. Just the kind of thing I need (AND WANT) to read before this upcoming weekend!!

    Isn’t that the great thing about PIXAR films? We get not one, not two, but THREE features in one theatrical sitting! Very wise were you to mention the Teaser Trailer and the Pixar Short!

    I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!!!

  2. Shine says:

    Great job on the review! i am so pleased you got in on the special screening! You SO deserve it.

    I was wondering how you would react to hearing Joe’s voice… I’ll take a hanky.

    I had totally forgotten that One Man Band is the short! FINALLY i will get to see it!!

    Motor sport popularity has certainly picked up in recent years – even I am into A1 now! It’s a good time for this movie I think.
    Although I don’t think I could possibly like it more than The Incredibles and I do think your rating IS largely to be attributed to your unending geeky Pixar love *giggles* – I do put a LOT of stock in your opinions.
    I am SO looking forward to it!

  3. bawpcwpn says:

    Thanks for the comments Phoenician and Shine!

    I must agree with you Shine that Motor Sports popularity has picked up in the last few years. I hear in the U.S. it is very very big at the moment.

    I was going to ask the lady sitting next to me what she thought of the film, but she was gone before the credits finished. I was staying for every last second.

  4. BrianB says:

    Sounds incredible. Thinking about taking a trip to Australia.

  5. Bill says:

    Great review, Luxo Jr.!!!!!

    Thanks for all the extra information including staying until the end of the credits. I will certainly do that. I’m not a Nascar fan at all, but who cares?

    I get out at 10:35 on June 9 which is my last day of school. All the more reason to head to the theater and see the movie I’ve been waiting for such a long time.

    Thanks, Luxo Jr.

  6. T-bird says:

    Man, that is AWESOME! Well, I’ve read the movie’s novelization. I KNOW WHAT THE MOVIE’S ABOUT. I regret reading it. I wanted to find out what happened by myself! Man…

  7. Andy Seredy says:

    Great stuff thomas. Thanks for the post. I cant wait to see the movie this weekend. I watched a Pixar special on tv the other night and now i just cant wait to see it. Thanks again for the non-spolier review.

  8. bawpcwpn says:

    Thanks for the nice comments Brian, Bill, T-Bird and Andy.

    Bill: I’ll provide details like that because I wouldn’t any of you to miss the cool ending. I knew I was staying just in case there was something, plus there is video beside the credits for the whole of the credits. Definitley the most watchable of the credits from Pixar.

    Andy: Was that the special on ABC?

    Man I can’t wait to see Cars again. I don’t know how some of the big fans like myself of Pixar who went to see it at the Premiere at Lowes and now to see it again you have to wait like 13 days. I would be going crazy. 6 Days is bad enough for me. GAA!

  9. Andy Seredy says:

    yea it was on ABC. It was very neat to see all the Pixar “nerdos” buzzing around the studio. That place looks like one giant Tiki Bar. All they need now is Segway parking. Hehe.

  10. Homer says:

    Hi, !
    I like your review, i can´t wait more time!
    I´m from Argentina, and here, Cars will be on the 6th of july, maybe before… sorry if i write wrong . =( i wish you can understand me.
    I think i´m a Pixar fan.. here is my email. .
    This blog is excellent.
    I create a Fotolog:
    Well… thanks for everything you apport .
    I wait your answer…


  11. Reel Fanatic says:

    Great review … I’m ashamed at how far behind I am with summer flicks .. I’ll finally get to see this one today and am really looking forward to it

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