A Tour of John Lasseter's Office [UPDATE]

John Lasseter News

Pixar fans take note, this is perhaps the closest the majority of us will come to John Lasseter’s office. Collider was fortunate enough to have John Lasseter give them a tour of his office at Disney Studios.

"All I can say is…if you’re a fan of John Lasseter you’re going to love this video. Not only do you get to see all the cool things that he keeps in his office, you get to hear him talk passionately about the history of Walt Disney Animation and you can clearly see what it means for him to be the Chief Animation Officer."

says Steve Weintraub. Be sure to take a look at this great video over at Collider.

Update: Also, check out SlashFilm and First Showing’s new interviews with WDAS and Pixar Chief Creative Officer, John Lasseter!

Last modified: November 21, 2008