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Box Office Buzz: TS3 Breaks $300 Million! [UPDATE]

In its third weekend at the box office, Toy Story 3 became the second Pixar film to break the $300 million dollar mark!

Although the top spots were claimed by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The Last Airbender, respectively, Pixar’s 11th followed with a hefty estimate of $30 $42 million dollars over the last four days. Currently, the film stands at a cumulative domestic total of:

$301,050,000 $301,883,298

Even before the weekend began, it was toys vs. vampires vs. werewolves vs. a live-action adaptation of a popular NickToon. Unfortunately, Toy Story 3 had been (gracefully) dethroned to the third slot.

As Friday came and went, Lee Unkrich’s masterpiece surpassed the domestic total of Monsters, Inc. ($255M) and The Incredibles ($261M), earning about $10.4 million. Saturday secured $11.5 million while Fourth of July audiences slacked a bit with a Sunday estimate of $8.3 million.

Update: In observance of the ‘4th’, Monday also made for a great run at the box office. Toy Story 3 raked in $12.7 million, passing Up‘s domestic total ($293M) and setting it on course to defeat Finding Nemo!

For all of you in the United States: Happy Independence Day!

Your predictions?

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  1. It’ll still do well. No doubt it’ll cross 300 mil next weekend, and if not, it’ll be close.

    I don’t expect Avatar to hold, which is a shame, and maybe Eclipse, but not for long. Fans aren’t too happy with either.

    I know there’s still a lot of people who haven’t seen Toy Story 3 yet, and I believe that they will make it out this week, or next week in my “I’m forcing you to spend your money on this” showing.

  2. it’s a given at this point that toy story 3’s gonna pass finding nemo as the highest-grossing pixar movie. and i know it’s still early, but if any movie’s gonna pass shrek 2 as the highest-grossing animated movie, it’s this one. i’m seeing the movie again this week at least twice so i’m doing my part in raising the domestic gross!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Plus nearly $151 Million foreign. $450 Million and counting!

    I saw it again tonight— GREAT movie! Better the 5th time. So much to take in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please disney, deleted this youtube scene( SPOILERR!!), if you want toy story 3 to do big.

    (i remind you, that scene is a big spoiler)

    anyway, great result for TS3 even when vampires and benders come to the city and also because it is independence day( no movies can do that great in that time), people enjoy real fireworks in the outside rather than the “ fireworks” in the theatre. (I don’t know what ID4 looked like, because i’m from indonesia)

  5. stehako says:

    It is likely to pass $300 million today (Monday) and that’s how long it took ‘Shrek 2’ to pass the mark; so it’s on track to be the highest grossing animated movie ever!

  6. uruseiranma says:

    If it has the staying power of Nemo and Up, it has a pretty good chance to beat Shrek 2, but that’s too much of a longshot for now. I’m still thinking a $350+ million gross.

    Though I do wonder how much ‘performance’ is going to be in mind over time, since movies don’t normally stay in theaters as long as they used to.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Holy cow! If this becomes the highest-grossing animated film ever I will be very happy. But I’m satisfied with its position for now. Still!…


  8. Well, someone smack me across the face. I posted “300 mil by next weekend”..

    sure.. today works fantastic too 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great result!!!
    On the same time, i feel worried because despicable me( early reviews 100%!!!, great for children=lot of money) is coming out next week. Final prediction: $370 mil.

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