'Cars' Universe Coming to 'Disney Infinity!'

Cars Disney Infinity News

When Disney showed off their impressive Disney Infinity game platform last month, they also introduced the three ‘playsets’ that would be included with it: Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles. In addition to these, Avalanche Studios is busy developing separately sold worlds to unlock ingame. The first of these has just been revealed: players will able to explore Radiator Springs from Cars when the game launches this summer!

This is pretty much a no-brainer, as Cars is easily one of the most popular and profitable Disney/Pixar franchises. Lightning McQueen, Mater, Francesco Bernoulli, and Holly Shiftwell will be playable as gamers race and pull off stunts throughout Radiator Springs. The gameplay looks nicely varied compared to, say, the Monsters University world, so there should be plenty of incentive to pick the individual playsets up.

Infinity will launch with six playsets; expect the last two to be revealed closer to the game’s June debut.

Which Disney Infinity world are you most looking forward to exploring?

Last modified: February 22, 2013