Celebrate the Spirit of Pixar with Gorgeous Mondo Posters

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Posted by Simoa • December 6, 2019

Pixar films dazzle the senses, but they burrow so much deeper into our skins apart from sight and sound. The artwork and stories in these films leave such lasting impressions and live on through other artists. Mondo, the Texas based company famous for its bold art designs inspired by indelible films, is presenting their latest gallery, The Spirit of Adventure: A Pixar Poster Show this Friday. Check out some of the posters that will be on display:

This Coco poster by Cesar Moreno is rich with so much color and detail. Although it depicts Miguel’s shrine to his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, his other family members also appear in the doilies. It also makes incredible use of light and deep purple hues to evoke warmth. The Pepita in the foreground reminds me of my own plush sitting on the bookshelf in my room.

And look at this stunning print by Phantom City Creative of A Bug’s Life! This is one of Pixar’s best, though it’s sometimes ignored. I’m really glad that it was included, and making all the characters green, save for Flik, is a brilliant touch. Its vibrancy draws your eyes to the poster.

This Brave poster by Greg Ruth is another favorite. I love the contrast between Merida’s look of confidence and Queen Elinor’s wariness in her massive bear form. And the detailing on that gorgeous fur! It looks as if you could actually feel it if you were to reach out and touch it.

A few more dazzlingly colored pieces are below.

Sara Deck

Phantom City Creative

Francesco Francavilla

“Pixar has a beautiful way of telling timeless stories that resonate with all audiences no matter their age. Their films are bursting with beloved characters, creativity, and imagination that is largely unmatched. In the end, nobody tells a story quite like Pixar. We are incredibly proud and excited to have partnered with our friends at Cyclops Print Works and several of our favorite artists to celebrate various iconic titles from Pixar’s unbelievable catalog of films.”

-Eric Garza, Mondo Creative Director

The Spirit of Adventure kicks off on December 6th in Mondo’s Austin, Texas headquarters. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out! The gallery will display fifteen posters in all. An additional Family Day of events takes place on December 7th.

You can also follow Mondo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Mondo:

Mondo is an expanding enterprise with a passionate love of film, art, music and pop culture, best known for creating limited-edition posters, vinyl soundtracks, premium collectibles and games. Based in Austin, Texas, the team collaborates with an international network of talented artists and creators to produce the highest quality products inspired by licensed properties and original IPs. Over the last decade, Mondo has partnered with leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers, along with dozens of independent studios and filmmakers from around the world. Find out more at

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In Depth: Why These Female Pixar Characters Mean So Much To Me

30 Years of Pixar, A Bug's Life, Brad Bird, Brave, Brenda Chapman, Cars 3, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, Pete Docter, Pixar Heroines, The Incredibles, The Incredibles 2

Posted by Nia • October 20, 2017

It’s been over two weeks since the New York Times article on Harvey Weinstein was published and the dam finally burst in Hollywood. It seems almost unbearable to comprehend all the allegations that are still stacking up against Weinstein, not to mention the plethora of other men in the industry and beyond. The “me too” movement on social media has also shown a disturbing amount of women who have been sexually harassed and assaulted by co-workers, friends, and family members.

This past week I’ve found it hard to focus and carry on with my life, job, and day-to-day activities.  It’s empowering seeing women come together, but also distressing to learn how it’s happened to us all, one way or another.

I needed inspiration and I needed something to lift my spirits up so I turned to what I know best to help me in troubled times: Pixar films.

Over the years not only has Pixar produced some of the greatest animated films of all time, but they’ve also created some of the strongest and most relatable female characters in the business. I was going to try and talk about all of them, but then realized how long the post would be (actually this would make a wonderful book some day). Instead, I decided to pick my three most important female characters and share why they mean so much to me both as a woman, and as a professional working in the animation industry.


Brave came out at a perfect time in my life, I was a sophomore in college and I was struggling with trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I was feeling the pressure of comparing myself to other people my age; be it with work, relationships, and even school.  I was even feeling pressure from certain family members about my love life and if I was going to be getting married anytime soon (this is a true story for any Greek woman).

Then Merida arrived, with her ridiculous hair goals, amazing horse-riding skills, and sassiness I wish I had when I was a teenager.

Merida broke the mold when it came to princesses – she had her own goals and her own motivations that she wanted to achieve in life, even if it went completely against what her family has wanted for generations. She didn’t care what her family thought and she was ready to fight against her mom if it meant being able to do what SHE wanted to do in life. Maybe she didn’t really have any dreams or goals at the moment, and that was OK – as long as she wasn’t stuck being a princess and fitting the mold, then she was content. That was Merida’s life, and she wanted to pursue those dreams of being free and exploring the countryside with her horse.

I also really appreciated how independent she was and how she didn’t need romance in her life to be successful. She was content with being alone, even if that meant being isolated from her own family or off in the forest basking in her solitude, that didn’t matter to her; she didn’t need a man in her life to tell her what to do or to be content.

I was the biggest tomboy growing up, I got dirty rolling around and play fighting and spent most afternoons playing sports with the other kids. But I still liked to dress up and get pretty; that didn’t mean I had to do it all the time. I really appreciated how Merida didn’t always need to be pretty or dainty or wear fancy dresses and spend her time curtsying to all the men; she wanted to roll around in the mud, dance in the rain, ride on horseback, climb mountains, and shoot arrows. I loved that adventurous side of her and I loved that she didn’t let anyone tame her.

I wish I had Merida to look up to when I was that young tomboy.

 Cruz Ramirez

It’s a shame Pixar wasn’t able to create a character like Cruz until now. She is one of the better things to come from this summer’s Cars 3 release and she might actually be one of my all-time favorite characters now.

Like Merida, I wish I had someone like Cruz to look up to when I was growing up and dreaming about coming to work in the animation industry in Los Angeles.

What I love the most about Cruz is that she showed me it doesn’t matter where you were born or who your family is, if you set your mind to what you want to achieve in life then you can fulfill your dreams.

People might keep telling you no, no, no; and you might continue to get rejection letter after rejection letter, but you have to keep going, to keep pushing forwards; hearing no or getting a rejection letter does not mean you’ve failed, but giving up does. It’s okay to have doubts, to feel bad about yourself, but you can still carry on and push forwards.

I also really loved the signal she sent to boys and girls alike, how it’s OK to be a girl and be really interested in boy things (like racing cars) or vice versa. In a typical male dominated world, it’s important to show young children that you can do whatever you want; it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl.

Cruz is the type of female character we need in film and TV now – a woman who stands up for herself, who goes against the norm, and who never gives up her dreams when obstacles are in the way.

Helen Parr AKA Elastigirl 

Helen is important to me, not only because I’ve always dreamed of being a superhero and kicking all sorts of butt, but because she’s a wonderful mother and person to look up to.

At the start of The Incredibles she’s living a pretty normal life, only having to deal with the typical mom duties that come with any parent. But soon it’s clear that Helen can balance both the mom and superhero life when she’s forced to follow and rescue her husband, Bob Parr AKA Mr. Incredible, when he’s off trying to deal with his midlife crisis.

It turns out that Helen actually saves her husband, brings her family closer together, and in turn, is a huge part in actually saving the world from the supervillain Syndrome. Where would we be without her? I’m really excited for The Incredibles 2 and having some more focus on Helen; which is a good sign that Pixar is definitely moving in the right direction regarding female characters.

One of my favorite things about Helen is that she doesn’t take crap from anyone, not her husband, children, or even Edna. She wasn’t about to sit around and wait for her husband to come home, making up different stories in her head as to why he’s been acting so strange lately. She was also not afraid to go against the societal norms at the time and take things into her own hands – she had every right to know what her husband was doing and to go and find him.

Helen is the type of woman and mom I aspire to be one day, with her, anything is possible. She gives me the confidence that I can balance both my work and home life completely if I chose to go down that path.  I work in the animation industry and have hopes of gaining as much experience as I can and moving on to different studios and jobs in the future. Thanks to Helen, I know that I don’t need to wait around for anyone to make the right decisions for me, and it’s possible to have a family and a career at the same time and be happy.

Each female Pixar character has taught me something different about myself throughout the years. What I love most about Pixar films, and the female characters they create, is that they provide a plethora of diverse characters from all ranges of life. Yes, fish and robots and superheroes are all incredibly different, but when you look at the stories that surround each character, and the struggles each woman (or ant) has to overcome, it’s all universal.

Who are some of your favorite Pixar female characters? And why are they so important to you?

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In Depth: Brave’s 5th Anniversary and what it means to a Scottish person

Brave, Pixar

Posted by Joanna • June 22, 2017

In 2009, I saw Up in cinemas for the first time, and I left thinking I had just seen the best movie of my life. As soon as I got home that night, I googled Pixar to find out what movies they had in their pipeline, and when I saw they were making a movie set in Scotland, my heart leapt. Mainly with joy. But there was a little bit of worry in there too.

I have always lived in Scotland, and have seen my fair share of movies attempting to portray the country I have grown up in. These movies are riddled with horrible attempts at Scottish accents, actors that have no connection to the country at all, and scenery that wasn’t even filmed on location. They rely on blatant stereotypes and, at best, only skim the surface of what Scotland is really like. So after learning about the production of Brave, I was unsurprisingly cautious, at least until I grew to understand and appreciate Pixar and their values.

Pixar do their research. They made Paris feel real in Ratatouille, they took lessons in ichthyology for Finding Nemo, and they even worked out how many balloons it would take to lift Carl and Ellie’s house in Up (…then took some leniencies). For the creation of Brave, Pixar teams visited Scotland, sketched castles, and went walking in the highlands. They studied the scenery and foliage and experienced our weather and culture first-hand. The end result? Out of all the American movies I have seen, Brave did the absolute best job at capturing Scotland and its scenery, lighting, colours, people, and accents. They hired Scottish actors and learned from them, allowing them to really contribute to the movie. In an interview with Kevin McKidd, the voice of both Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin, Pixar suggested he make Young MacGuffin have a particularly broad accent; almost incomprehensible. But instead of just spewing Scottish-sounding gibberish, McKidd proposed he did “a dialect from my home area, called the Doric, which is a very specific area in the north-east of Scotland.” This resulted in a joke that was funny for viewers in America, but hilarious for viewers in Scotland. It’s genius. Being from the north-east of Scotland myself, I have grown up with the Doric accent around me, and even I struggle to understand it without context (although I do understand all of Young MacGuffin’s lines!) It’s little touches and inside jokes like this that make Brave a film that Scottish people are proud to be associated with.

© Steve Pilcher

Even on the day it came out, Brave created a sense of community and pride across the country. It was released in cinemas a day earlier in Scotland than in the rest of the UK, and I saw it in a makeshift cinema that my village hall put on for the night – mismatched seats and a projector screen. The scenery was breath-taking, and you felt you could almost recognise some places because the attention to detail was so perfect. When Young MacGuffin said his first line, people turned to each other with huge grins on their faces. We were in hysterics. Even the ‘obvious’ jokes (that had to be done) were done completely tastefully.

It’s so refreshing to have a movie that depicts Scotland with such accuracy and respect. We don’t have bears, of course, but…leniencies. Animation allows leniencies. And on top of all of that, Brave is a wonderful movie with a beautiful message and strong, memorable characters. Merida will always be my favourite ‘Disney Princess’.

Pixar places so much importance on being able to transport you to these different worlds and settings that they create and imitate. They fully appreciate how crucial it is to know these worlds themselves before they’re able to make us believe that we know them too. Coco debuts this November, and I can’t wait for the people of Mexico to feel the way I did when Brave was released 5 years ago. Happy 5th anniversary, Brave!

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Next ‘Disney Infinity’ Adds Marvel Characters, Toy Box Enhancements

Brave, Disney Infinity, Video Game

Posted by Brkyo614 • April 30, 2014

Last year’s Disney Infinity was not only an enjoyable game, but also a huge moneymaker for Disney – from the starter pack to additional toys, Infinity has raked in over $500 million since it launched in August. It’s no surprise, then, that the company is eager to get a sequel out. At a Los Angeles event this morning, Disney Interactive unveiled its plans for the next Disney Infinity, which shifts its focus to Marvel characters while still offering a handful of surprises for fans of the original game.

Though the announcement trailer above focuses almost entirely on the Marvel elements of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, it does hint at one Pixar-related newcomer: Merida from Brave, who briefly appears in the opening of the trailer. At the reveal event, Disney detailed some of the gameplay improvements that will come with the sequel. Characters will now unlock abilities as they level up, and new power discs will feature support characters and alternate costumes. The Toy Box has also been upgraded; terrain can now be drawn with ease using brushes, and buildings with separate interior rooms can be built. Figurines, power discs, and Toy Boxes from the original game will be compatible with the sequel (no word on playsets).

Disney promises that more Disney/Pixar content will be revealed soon. The game launches this Fall on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS.

Which Pixar characters are you hoping to see in the sequel?

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Disney Parks News Round-Up!

Brave, Disney Parks, Monsters University, Round-Ups

Posted by Brkyo614 • April 30, 2013

The Disney theme parks have always served as both a celebration of the company’s legacy and a means to promote their latest productions. Earlier this week we showed you the recently premiered Monsters University concept art showcase at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but that’s not the only Pixar-related attraction rolling out in the coming weeks:

MU Monorails Circle Walt Disney World: In a very clever bit of marketing, Disney has adorned several of the Walt Disney World monorails with characters from Monsters University. For more photos and a video, head over to The Disney Blog.

Mike Takes Over Spaceship Earth: To help announce Disney’s Monstrous Summer event, Imagineers projected an image of Mike Wazowski onto Epcot’s Spaceship Earth last week. Turns out Mike is a perfect fit for the iconic sphere! Watch a video of the announcement – featuring a pretty terrible Billy Crystal voice double – below.

Updated Mike and Sulley Meet and Greet On the Way: While the Monsters, Inc. characters have existed in the Disney parks for years, it makes sense that they’d be updated to match their younger Monsters University counterparts. Inside the Magic has a video showing off the (slightly creepy) new meet and greet characters, who will debut at Disney’s Hollywood Studios soon.

Merida Disney Princess Coronation Ceremony: When Brave was released last summer, there was some debate as to whether Pixar’s first princess would be added to the Disney Princess pantheon. Looks like that’s now the case; Merida will be crowned the 11th Disney princess on May 11 at the Magic Kingdom. To the right is the new 2D Merida design to be used on some merchandise and promo material, via Inside the Magic.

Will you be at Walt Disney World to check out any of these attractions and events?

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Woody’s News Round-Up! (3/1/13)

Academy Awards, Brave, Disney Parks, Monsters University, Ratatouille, Round-Ups

Posted by Brkyo614 • March 1, 2013

Monsters University is just under 4 months away! Get excited with a few new stories below:

Coming to Disneyland Paris + MU at Epcot: Pixar characters’ presence in Disney Parks received a boost this week after Euro Disney’s Phillippe Gas announced a Ratatouille-themed ride making its way to Disneyland Paris in 2014. Further details remain undisclosed, but the attraction sounds like a smart (and obvious) choice for the park. (via Inside the Magic)

Additionally, a gorgeous Monsters University topiary recently debuted at Walt Disney World in preparation for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival on March 6. Head over to MouseSteps (via Pixar Post) to see the astounding attention to detail.

Final Cover Art for The Art of Monsters University; Coming June 11:  Chronicle Books updated the Amazon listing for The Art of Monsters University, replacing the tentative cover art with a final, bolder design. Preorder now at Amazon or Chronicle Books, the latter of which currently lists a June 11, 2013 release date.

Monsters University Theater Standee: Another inventive step in the ad campaign for Monsters University, a Pixar Times reader recently spotted this standee for Pixar’s next film at the cinema. Step behind the blank ID and say ‘cheese’ for your student photo!

Pixar’s Oscar Toast for Brave: Spirits were high at Pixar Animation Studios this week following Brave‘s Oscar win. The official Brave Facebook page posted a few photos of the festivities that ensued; check out the gallery here.

Your thoughts?

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Pixar Takes Home an Oscar for ‘Brave!’

Academy Awards, Brave

Posted by Brkyo614 • February 25, 2013

At last night’s 85th Academy Awards, Brave won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature against Wreck-it Ralph, ParaNorman, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and Frankenweenie. It’s Pixar’s seventh win in the category, and a return to form after Rango took the award over Cars 2 last year. Disney’s Paperman won for Best Animated Short Film.

The win ignited some controversy over Pixar’s domination of the category, but the hard work behind all of the nominees, Brave included, should be respected. All five films are great, experimenting with some unconventional stories and a variety of animation techniques. But what made me glad about Brave‘s victory was seeing Brenda Chapman onstage with Andrews. It’s heartening to see her tumultuous experience with Brave end on a high note. Watch her and Mark Andrews discuss their win below (via Pixar Post):

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners!

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‘Brave’ Nets Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe Nominations! [UPDATE 2x]

Awards, Brave

Posted by Brkyo614 • January 10, 2013

Pixar has had a pretty strong track record in the awards scene –  their features have been nominated for almost three dozen Academy Awards – so it was disappointing, if somewhat predictable when Cars 2 became their first film not to be nominated in any category at the Oscars. Thankfully, the studio is back on track with Brave, which earned nominations at the Academy Awards as well as the Golden Globes and British Academy Film Awards.

Alongside Frankenweenie, ParaNorman, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and Wreck-it Ralph, Brave is one of the five films nominated in the Best Animated Feature category at the 85th Academy Awards. The lack of a single nomination in any sound or music categories surprised me (seriously, Ted over Brave for Best Original Song?), but it’s nice to see Pixar back in the competition nonetheless. The movie also received Best Animated Feature nods at the Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

Look out for the Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Academy Award winners on January 13, February 10, and February 24, respectively.

(Ad via Awards Daily)

Which film are you rooting for?

UPDATE: Brave took home the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film! Watch the acceptance speech by Mark Andrews here.

UPDATE 2: Pixarians also won two Annie Awards for their work on the film: Steve Pilcher for Production Design and Nicholas A. Smith, Robert Graham Jones, and David Suther for their editorial work. Check out their speeches (via Pixar Post) on YouTube.

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Woody’s News Round-Up! (12/8/12)

Awards, Brave, Pete Docter, Round-Ups, Short Film

Posted by Brkyo614 • December 8, 2012

Happy December! None of these new stories are earth-shattering, but they still provide a small glimpse into Pixar’s future:

Pixar’s Next Short Nears Completion: Over the past few months, Rainy City Tales 332 has been quietly cataloging the development of an animated short that’s all but confirmed to be from Pixar. Yesterday was the final day of sound mixing for the production, suggesting that the short is essentially complete. With Monsters, Inc.
3D launching in less than two weeks and still without an attached short film, I think it’s possible that the studio could unveil this
mystery short very soon.

Pixar Returning to Netflix: Disney and Pixar movies were once available on Netflix through a deal with Starz, but the expiration of their agreement caused the films to be pulled down earlier this year. This week, however, Disney signed a deal with the video streaming service stating that future films from Disney and Pixar will be available for streaming beginning in 2016. The deal also mentions Disney’s direct-to-DVD output launching on the service in 2013, which may include next year’s Planes. (Via Deadline Hollywood)

More Brave Rewards News: Continuing its recent awards push, Disney has opened up its official awards site, highlighting Disney Animation’s excellent year with pages for Brave, Frankenweenie, Paperman, and Wreck-it Ralph. Additionally, Awards Daily (Via Pixar Times) posted a trio of new awards ads for Brave here.

Possible Title for Pete Docter’s Next Feature: Previously known as The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside the Mind, Bleeding Cool has learned that the final title for Pete Docter’s 2015 Pixar film could be The Inside Out. There’s still no word from Pixar, so look out for an official announcement in the future.

Your thoughts?

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‘Brave’ Up For 8 Annie Awards!

Annie Awards, Awards, Brave

Posted by Brkyo614 • December 3, 2012

With the new year swiftly approaching, awards season is finally kicking into gear; Disney recently began a for-your-consideration campaign for Brave, and now the film has received its first award nominations at the 40th annual Annie Awards.

The International Animated Film Society revealed the nominations this morning. Pixar’s latest is nominated in eight categories, including thrice in Character Animation in a Feature Production, bringing it to a total of ten nominations:

Best Animated Feature
Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

Animated Effects in an Animated Production
Bill Watral, Chris Chapman, Dave Hale, Keith Klohn, Michael K. O’Briwn – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

Character Animation in a Feature Production
Dan Nguyen – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios
Jaime Landes – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios
Travis Hathaway – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

Music in an Animated Feature Production
Patrick Doyle, Mark Andrews, Alex Mandel – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

Production Design in an Animated Feature Production
Steve Pilcher – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production
Kelly MacDonald as Merida – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

Writing in an Animated Feature Production
Mark Andrews, Steve Purcell, Brenda Chapman, Irene Mecchi – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

Editorial in an Animated Feature Production
Nicholas A. Smith, ACE, Robert Graham Jones, ACE, David Suther – Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

La Luna was nominated for Best Animated Short Subject last year, hence its omission – Partysaurus Rex, however, is nowhere to be seen.

Since Brave was a solid, but not stellar success with critics, it’ll be interesting to see how it fares against this year’s strong competition. Check back after the Annie Awards ceremony is held on February 2.

(Via Big Screen Animation)

Your thoughts?

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