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Meet Teddy Newton at San Francisco Screening of Day & Night!

Day & Night

Posted by Martin • July 1, 2010

Residents of the Bay Area may want to reconsider their Friday plans, at least, those that are really into Pixar,

Your chance to meet Day & Night director, Teddy Newton, is right around the corner! According to SFGate, he’ll be hosting a very special screening of his short tomorrow night at the Balboa Theatre.

Two screenings have been set up at the moment. The 7:00 PM show will be followed by a Q&A with Newton while the 9:30 PM show will be preceded by stories from Day & Night and Toy Story 3 production. Fans will also have the opportunity to get their hands on signed posters and books.

The event is completely free. Unfortunately SFGate doesn’t get into specifics about availability or what you can do to guarantee entrance. I’d recommend calling the theatre in advance.

Hearing from the visionary behind Day & Night is a real treat, and let me tell you, he seems very humble about it. Will you make this opportunity count?

Let us know if you plan to go!

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Day & Night Now on iTunes!

Day & Night

Posted by Martin • June 22, 2010

Pixar’s latest short, Day & Night, is now available to download on US iTunes!

For the standard price of $1.99, you can take this Teddy Newton directed masterpiece with you anywhere you go! The studio’s innovative animation hybrid is one of my favorites and runs for a good six minutes.

Don’t forget that the iTunes Store also offers almost every Pixar short produced (as well as the studio’s features) on a specialized list.

Note: Links require iTunes.

Will Day & Night make its way onto your iPod’s playlist?

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Day & Night, Official Website, Toy Story 3

Posted by Martin • June 19, 2010

A couple of key pages on the official Pixar website recently went through a welcome renovation.

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll notice that the home page now includes a Day & Night icon. As expected, clicking on the image takes you to a portal with information on Teddy Newton’s short, but the site’s biggest change is more general.

The infamous ‘Feature Films’ brick wall has been ‘torn down’ by Pixar’s web designer in favor of a cleaner layout. Also gone are the film canisters representing each Pixar short. Posters are now neatly arranged in all of those portions of the site, as well as ‘The Theater’ section. Dug’s Special Mission has even been added, but it’s not clickable yet.

It’s worth noting that the updated pages previously used Flash interfaces. Ever since Steve Jobs condemned the dated technology, web designers have shifted away from the program to avoid compatibility issues.

I continue to hope for a site overhaul one of these days. For example, the ‘Artist’s Corner’ hasn’t had an update in five years. With that said, I’m happy to see gradual change.

Your thoughts?

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AWN Covers Day & Night Production!

Day & Night

Posted by Martin • May 27, 2010

Animation World Network takes readers behind the scenes of Pixar’s latest short, Day & Night, with exclusive images, videos and more!

In AWN’s recent article, director Teddy Newton introduces us to the unique and ambitious concept. The short was actually born from gags centered around a keyhole, believe it or not, but the journey it has taken through production is the true wonder.

Although Newton’s pitch got off the ground relatively quickly (Lasseter green lit it almost immediately), the challenges associated with making Day & Night a reality were immense. Pixar’s struggle was finding a way for 3D CGI interior worlds to work within 2D animated characters — something that had never really been done before. This graphic breaks down the layers used to create the short’s one-of-a-kind effects.

Of course, Teddy and co. were ultimately successful, but for the team to get to this point, crucial animation tests had to be created. Watch the 2D walk cycle here and the 3D test here. Anaglyph (red and blue) glasses are required to view the full effect of the latter video.

As one of my all time favorite shorts, I can tell you that all of the hard work behind Day & Night’s production payed off. I didn’t realize how tough it was to create, though. Give the article a thorough read for the full story.

You can see Day & Night in theatres with Toy Story 3 when it’s released on June 18th. Remember to check it out in 3D!

(Thanks to our friend Bill at for alerting us!)

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New Clip: Preview Day & Night!

Day & Night

Posted by Martin • May 20, 2010

Have I mentioned that Day & Night is a mind blowing experience?

If you’ve been following the blog lately (thank you loyal readers) you’ll know that Pixar’s upcoming short is one of my absolute favorites!

Teddy Newton achieved something truly impressive through such aesthetic simplicity. That’s why, from the moment I watched this vignette, I was eager to have others experience it as well. There’s still some wait time left, but this next link gets us much closer to that goal!

You’ve seen the stills. You’ve heard the description and praise. Now you can preview a clip from the short courtesy of SlashFilm!

If the previously released images didn’t already give you an idea of how Day & Night works, this humorous preview surely will. The CGI inside 2D animation works well, don’t you think? With that said, I still stand by what I’ve mentioned in the past: Day & Night must be seen in 3D.

Catch Teddy Newton’s latest with Toy Story 3, in theatres June 18th, 2010!

Will you see the upcoming short in 3D? Why or why not?

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Pixar at Annecy 2010: Day & Night World Premiere!

Day & Night

Posted by Martin • May 10, 2010

The 50th Annual Annecy International Animation Film Festival is right around the corner, and with it comes a first look opportunity from Pixar!

The studio’s latest short, Day & Night, will make it’s official world premiere at the French animation festival on June 11th. After the 4:30 screening, viewers will get to chat with Teddy Newton about the film and the challenges it presented during production.

Annecy’s official website offers another brief taste of the short (seen above) that blends 2D animation with CGI. As usual, the preview doesn’t come close to the full theatrical effect, so you’ll definitely want to stay for the talented director’s talk after you experience Day & Night’s mind blowing 3D.

Immediately following Newton’s event, you’ll get to meet Bob Whitehill (another super cool guy), 3D supervisor for Up and Toy Story 3. He’s got an entire presentation set up that thoroughly explains Pixar’s approach to the newly emerging technology.

If you’re in the area and plan on attending, don’t hesitate! Having heard both talented Pixarians speak in person, I know it’s certainly not something to miss. 

For more on Annecy (6/7-6/12) and its program of animated wonders, click here. Good to hear that it’s been 50 years!

Who’s attending the festival this June?

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First Still From Day & Night Revealed!

Day & Night

Posted by Martin • May 4, 2010

Our friends over at Pixar Talk were presented with some stunning exclusives today.

To the right is a brand new image from Pixar’s upcoming short, Day & Night. This appears to be the first true still from Teddy Newton’s latest film, as the last image was for promotional use only.

If you couldn’t picture what Day & Night reviewers meant by "3D inside 2D drawings", now you probably have a better idea of what’s in store. Honestly, as striking as this image is, it doesn’t do justice to what you’ll be seeing in theatres. Just image how mind blowing this looks in 3D!

Pixar Talk also premiered Teddy Newton’s head shot, taken by Pixar’s own talented photographer Deborah Coleman. Kevin Reher and Michael Giacchino are also attached to the film as producer and composer, respectively.

Day & Night is one of my favorite shorts without question. Not only is the animation like nothing you’ve ever experienced, but hopefully the message will really speak to people. Check here for a refresher on the plot if need be.

Your thoughts?

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New Tech from Dolby and MasterImage to Power Toy Story 3!

Day & Night, Toy Story 3

Posted by Martin • March 16, 2010

Pixar continues to be on the cutting edge thanks to their partnership with innovators in the projection industry!

It was announced at ShoWest, the Las Vegas theatre industry convention, that the Lamp is working closely with Dolby to launch their new technology, Surround 7.1, with Toy Story 3. DS 7.1 will provide an "exciting sensory experience" made for enhanced 3D film projection. Basically, we should expect sound to match the superior image this summer. [via Variety]

Theatres premiering Pixar’s brand new film at ShoWest today will use MasterImage 3D MI-2100 Projectors to showcase Day & Night. Pixar’s new short is described as a 3D film, aligning with the rumors we’ve heard claiming the vignette will use 2D animation with 3D inside the lines. I guess we’ll just have to wait until after the premiere screenings to get a better idea of the animation style and story of Teddy Newton’s Pixar directorial debut. [via DCinemaToday]

Remember, today is the day that initial reviews will start to pour in for Toy Story 3. Check back here for reports from ShoWest!

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First Look at Upcoming Pixar Short ‘Day & Night’! [UPDATE]

Day & Night

Posted by Martin • March 11, 2010 has the exclusive first look at Pixar’s much talked about upcoming short to be screened before Toy Story 3, Day & Night!

Directed by veteran Pixar character designer Teddy Newton, this short follows conflicting personalities representing two distinct times: Day and Night. Here’s Pixar’s official description of the short:

"When Day, a sunny fellow, encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly! Day and Night are frightened and suspicious of each other at first, and quickly get off on the wrong foot. But as they discover each other’s unique qualities—and come to realize that each of them offers a different window onto the same world—the friendship helps both to gain a new perspective."

The picture up top represents the title characters, but I’m really not sure if these are just 2D versions of 3D renders or if this will be a short in the style of Your Friend the Rat. All I know is that these designs scream Newton who’s arguably most famous for his work on The Incredibles!! I’m really digging Day and Night.

Flip the title around and you’ve got Night & Day AND a funny story. This past January we had prepared a whole post (click to see it) on the subject based on Pixar Talk’s exclusive scoop on the aforementioned title. Back then, I guess we speculated it might’ve been the dinosaur concept art we’ve been seeing… guess not.

I never actually got to make the post live (until now) because by the time I was done, I noticed the studio didn’t want information leaking out so quickly. We did get some valuable information though, apparently (CORRECTION) Partly Cloudy’s Kevin Reher is producing with music by Grammy/Oscar winner Michael Giacchino!

Update: Some of our burning questions about Day & Night have been answered! According to Cartoon Brew’s Jerry Beck, "the images inside the characters will be CG", but generally the short wil use the 2D style seen in the promo. Pixar’s Don Shank added that Day & Night is "not about a dinosaur!"

Now it’s your turn! What do you think about Day & Night?

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