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New Clip: Preview Day & Night!

Have I mentioned that Day & Night is a mind blowing experience?

If you’ve been following the blog lately (thank you loyal readers) you’ll know that Pixar’s upcoming short is one of my absolute favorites!

Teddy Newton achieved something truly impressive through such aesthetic simplicity. That’s why, from the moment I watched this vignette, I was eager to have others experience it as well. There’s still some wait time left, but this next link gets us much closer to that goal!

You’ve seen the stills. You’ve heard the description and praise. Now you can preview a clip from the short courtesy of SlashFilm!

If the previously released images didn’t already give you an idea of how Day & Night works, this humorous preview surely will. The CGI inside 2D animation works well, don’t you think? With that said, I still stand by what I’ve mentioned in the past: Day & Night must be seen in 3D.

Catch Teddy Newton’s latest with Toy Story 3, in theatres June 18th, 2010!

Will you see the upcoming short in 3D? Why or why not?

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  1. Oh my gosh that’s amazing. I can’t wait to see the full short! Hopefully I’ll be going to see it in IMAX 3D 😀

  2. love70ways says:

    Oh wow! I totally understood the short now after watching the clip. I get how the 2D and CGI are incorporated, and the plot makes perfect sense to me. I will definitely see this in 3D! 😀

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