Disney•Pixar/WB To Film In Pompeii?

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Posted by Thomas • April 15, 2008

Newsweek‘s Barbie Nadeau writes today about the Pompeii ruins in Italy, and the possible restriction of visitors to the site. What has this to do with Pixar? Well Campania’s (region in Italy of which the Pompeii ruins are a part of) regional heritage councilor, Claudio Velardi wants to limit visitors to the site, but offer it up the venue for rent to large foreign companies. One of these companies is Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. 

Nadeau writes: 

Undeterred, he also plans to talk to Pixar and Warner Bros. about leasing the ruins as movie sets after Roman Polanski’s film "Pompeii," which is stalled in production, was shot in Spain.

Pixar filming in Pompeii? The only Disney•Pixar and Warner Bros. collaboration that we know of is Brad Bird’s live action debut, 1906. Now there are 3 possible reasons offered as to why Pixar might want to film in Pompeii. 

The first of which comes from me. Pompeii has extensive ruins, perhaps Brad Bird wants to film the ruins to and digitally enhance it with 3D animation to make it look like a ruined San Francisco. Although this does seem very unlikely, as I am sure Pixar could create a very realistic ruined San Francisco without the need of Pompeii. Peter from /Film offers up the the possible solution that Brad Bird has written in a scene, including Pompeii in some shape or form. The final solution comes from MB1000 at The Pixar Blog. He suggests that it could be for some part of John Carter of Mars, or another live-action film that is yet to be announced. 

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Pixar Re-Building 1906 Era San Francisco

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Posted by Thomas • March 26, 2008

A /Film spy sends in word Pixar are building scale models, and that they are also re-creating a computer generated 1906 era San Francisco using photos of the famous city from that time, for Brad Bird’s feature film debut, 1906.

The spy says that it will look very authentic. Also, Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. are unofficially aiming for a Winter 2009 release for the film. 
1906 is being directed by Brad Bird, and is a Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. Production about a college student who begins to investigate the murder of his father, uncovering a web of deceit that has left the city vulnerable to the sort of fire that breaks out when the Great Earthquake of 1906 hits San Francisco.

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To Mars & Beyond!

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Posted by Thomas • March 17, 2008

Jim Hill has garnered some news recently relating to the rumoured John Carter of Mars trilogy Pixar is planning. Hill points to these domains the Mouse House has recently registered in evidence of the production.

The Gods of Mars is the second book in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars series, the first being A Princess of Mars.

According to what Mouse House insiders recently told me, Mark Andrews (i.e. the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of "Ratatouille") has allegedly already completed a first pass on a screenplay for the first film in the proposed "Mars" series. And given that both Pixar and Disney execs have reportedly responded very enthusiastically to Andrews’ script … Well, both companies are now anxious to put this project in the development pipeline ASAP.

says Hill. Hill also says that the film might be slated for a 2012 release date or possibly earlier, this is of course, depending on how well The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian performs at the box office this year. If Prince Caspian does not meet expectations at the box office, Hill says that the Mouse House will likely go forward with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and then pull the plug on the Narnia series, using the JCoM trilogy to fill the gaps in the release schedule.

Hill also puts Jim Morris, who moved from Lucasfilm in 2005 to Pixar, as the producer of the series. Your thoughts? Read the full article here

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Brad Bird At Hay Festival, Wales?

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Posted by Thomas • March 4, 2008

jonathontopf at the Pixar Planet Forums has word that Brad Bird will be giving a talk at the Hay Festival in Wales, which runs from 22nd May – 1st June 2008. 

The program hasn’t been officially announced yet, and tickets don’t go on sale for a while yet, however I’ll give our UK readers a heads up when I find out more.
Thanks Jonathon.

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Rumour Ramblings: UP & Cars 2

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Posted by Thomas • March 1, 2008

First up is, UP (or is it Up, I’m a little confused now). An Upcoming Pixar reader points out some information a former classmate revealed on a re-union website concerning UP.

Met my husband at Pixar (who is now producing a 2009 film called "UP"-get your tissues out!)

says the classmate. Will UP be a tear-jerker like Monster’s Inc.. I wouldn’t put it past Pete Docter. The ending in Monster’s Inc. always wells up a tear in my eye.

Secondly, an Aint It Cool News tipster, WALL-E*WONKA, says that Disney are eyeing 2011 to release sequels, including the much rumoured, Cars 2. Please let it not be true. 
Thoughts? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Up Retells Don Quixote? [Updated]

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Posted by Thomas • December 23, 2007

Upcoming Pixar reader Joe points to Up’s Wikipedia entry which has some new information about the film which does seem to have that ring of truth to it. The entry tells us:

Insider sources say this new film is a re-telling, somewhat, of the classic Don Quixote fable.

Joe adds, "Disney has tried forever to make an animated movie based on Don Quixote, maybe this is John Lassetter’s way of realizing one of Walt’s unfulfilled dream projects?".

Since it’s Wikipedia, we can’t easily judge its authenticity nor its accuracy, however, what do you think? Thanks Joe.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to add some more information to add credence to this piece of information. From TIME Magazine, we know this about Up:

"Pete Docter and co-director Bob Peterson are preparing this "coming-of-old-age story" about a seventysomething guy who lives in a house that "looks like your grand-parents’ house smelled." He befriends a clueless young Wilderness Ranger and gets into lots of alter kocker altercations. Says Pixar: "Our hero travels the globe, fights beasts and villains and eats dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon."

And provides this brief synopsis:

The title character, a middle-aged gentleman from the La Mancha region of Spain, becomes enchanted with the idea of chivalry and decides to seek adventure. Eventually, he is accompanied by a sidekick, Sancho Panza. With a dilapidated horse and equipment, together they seek glory, adventure, often in the honor of Dulcinea, Quijote’s love. Quijote doesn’t always act honorably, however, and neither do many of the other minor characters in the novel. Eventually Quijote is brought down to reality and dies shortly thereafter.

They are slightly similar, but it’s really too early to tell. Again, your thoughts?

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IMDB Lists New WALL•E Character

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Posted by Thomas • December 23, 2007

IMDB via The Pixar Blog is listing a new character in WALL•E. The character is called Hoverchair Mother and is played by Kim Kopf. Interestingly, TPB notes: I

nterestingly, the ‘voice only’ designation is not placed next to her name. Hmm, could this mean another live action character in WALL-E, or is it just a typo?

What do you think?

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WALL•E Trailer Attached To National Teasure 2? [Updated]

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Posted by Thomas • December 5, 2007

JV Pixar News reports a source tells him that the theatrical trailer for WALL•E will be attached to National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets later this month in the US on the 21st. His source says, “It’s not attached, but enclosed in the can.” which it’s like a Pixar short and attached to the reel. I take this as Disney making sure we all see the trailer if we see NT2.

Also the source reveals that the trailer doesn’t show it all, but rather keeps us guessing. Hearing this it makes me think Cloverfield, the mystery monster movie due out in January. The marketing styles used between WALL•E and Cloverfield are very similar. Both have used viral websites, and both have had mysterious trailers that keep us guessing.

Not that I am doubting the integrity of JV’s source, and I’m not saying I don’t believe what they are saying, but a contact of mine doesn’t know of any theatrical trailer for WALL•E yet. All I am saying is don’t get your hopes up. It seem Australia (me!), Hungary and Puerto Rico will be the first countries to know. I’ll be there opening day so I shall report back anything I find out.

UPDATE: This source seems to lose its credibility as each hour goes by. Still be on the lookout however for a trailer with NT2. The timing seems off to me. I’m putting my money on February/March. National Treasure 2 does seem to be the only Disney release suited for this movie before The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian in May. Other options include Horton Hears A Who! and The Spiderwick Chronicles. What are your thoughts?

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A Princess of…Scotland?

Disney, John Carter of Mars, Rumors

Posted by Thomas • November 20, 2007

Upcoming Pixar reader, Francesco, sent along this Wall Street Journal article which talks about Disney and it’s princess franchises. However, it is not specifically Disney that Francesco found most interesting in the article, however the mention of Pixar. I quote…

Disney plans to introduce a new African-American princess called Tiana in an animated film, "The Princess and the Frog," a response to demands for more diversity among princesses. Two other animated princess-based movies — one starring Rapunzel and another starring a Scottish princess in a new Pixar production — will be rolled out after that.

I did think it could possibly be John Carter of Mars as I don’t know anything of the storylines surrounding the novels, in particular, A Princess of Mars. I’ve tried looking further into the matter but my internet is playing up. Please help me find out if the Princess is Scottish. Thanks Francesco.

What are your thoughts? Could this production become known as "That Scottish Pixar production that must not be named?" for fear that if we do mention its name in a movie theatre….well let’s just not go there.

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Pixar Explores Edgar Rice Burrows Archives

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Posted by Thomas • October 7, 2007

ERBzine, the official Edgar Rice Burrows tribute and weekly webzine site, informs us that members of the Pixar creative team spent Tuesday morning scouring the Edgar Rice Burrows archives at the ERB, Inc. offices in Tarzana in sunny California.

Pixar’s Jim Morris (vp), Andrew Stanton (director), Mark Andrews (script) discussed the "John Carter of Mars" film project with Burroughs representatives, Danton Burroughs, Sandra Galfas and Jim Sullos.

explains Bill Hillman at ERBzine.

New information revealed is the creative team working on the film (above), a projected release date of sometime before 2012 and probably most exciting for the John Carter of Mars series fans, a trilogy of films. You can read more about Pixar’s visit here.

Thanks Michael

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