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Disney•Pixar/WB To Film In Pompeii?

Newsweek‘s Barbie Nadeau writes today about the Pompeii ruins in Italy, and the possible restriction of visitors to the site. What has this to do with Pixar? Well Campania’s (region in Italy of which the Pompeii ruins are a part of) regional heritage councilor, Claudio Velardi wants to limit visitors to the site, but offer it up the venue for rent to large foreign companies. One of these companies is Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. 

Nadeau writes: 

Undeterred, he also plans to talk to Pixar and Warner Bros. about leasing the ruins as movie sets after Roman Polanski’s film "Pompeii," which is stalled in production, was shot in Spain.

Pixar filming in Pompeii? The only Disney•Pixar and Warner Bros. collaboration that we know of is Brad Bird’s live action debut, 1906. Now there are 3 possible reasons offered as to why Pixar might want to film in Pompeii. 

The first of which comes from me. Pompeii has extensive ruins, perhaps Brad Bird wants to film the ruins to and digitally enhance it with 3D animation to make it look like a ruined San Francisco. Although this does seem very unlikely, as I am sure Pixar could create a very realistic ruined San Francisco without the need of Pompeii. Peter from /Film offers up the the possible solution that Brad Bird has written in a scene, including Pompeii in some shape or form. The final solution comes from MB1000 at The Pixar Blog. He suggests that it could be for some part of John Carter of Mars, or another live-action film that is yet to be announced. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It has to be 1906. I don’t see why WB would be working on John Carter of Mars as well when it will be helmed by Andrew Stanton. Disney can/should produce it all by itself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolute Flashback fodder if ever i heard it.

    1906 will either have a character visiting pompeii (possibly sparking an idea) or will include a line similar to “ Imagine the horror… it would be like a modern day Pompeii”… wibblywobbly- transition into flashback….

    I hope Mr Bird isn’t as cheesy as me:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if this will play in the film or not, but in the book, the opera singer Enrico Caruso comes from Italy and there is discussion regarding the destruction of Vesuvius, perhaps that’s what this is for.

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