Brad Bird talks about Pixar’s bright future and more

1906, Brad Bird, Incredibles 2

Posted by Simoa • December 17, 2018

The Incredibles 2 director was a guest on Deadline’s Crew Call podcast recently. The film has enjoyed massive success since its June debut earlier this year, and has earned an impressive number of nominations at the Annies and Golden Globes. Bird mainly discussed the notable improvements in CGI, a huge leap from the “edge of failure” he and the crew were on in the first film. The technology is continuously evolving with dazzling results.

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Bird also spoke about his live action ventures. His 1906 epic about that year’s devastating San Francisco earthquake was never formally greenlit due to problems with budget and the story. Bird revealed that tackling the story has posed the most significant obstacle, but he remains enthusiastic about it nonetheless. The film was originally going to be produced by both Pixar and Warner Bros. Is there a chance it could still see the light of movie screens someday? Bird hopes so. But he’s also working on another live action project! He couldn’t say any more beyond that (of course), but it will feature twenty minutes of animation. Immediately I thought of “The Origins of Plus Ultra,” a seriously cool animated sequence that was ultimately cut from Bird’s Tomorrowland.

Besides discussing his films and upcoming projects, Bird offered his thoughts on Pixar’s new direction. I believe this is the first time someone at the studio has directly addressed John Lasseter’s departure. Bird didn’t comment on the allegations of misconduct against the former studio chief, but he did remark positively on where Pixar is headed.

“As long as I’ve been at Pixar, Pixar has been changing. […] It’s never really been exactly the same place, it can’t stay frozen in amber. There’s too many people, and times change and experiences change…There’s an amazing collection of talent there and the foundation of supporting filmmakers’ visions that is kind of, the secret sauce to Pixar’s enduring, continuing success. So I think there is a very bright future for Pixar.”

Brad Bird’s optimism is encouraging and justified. Just as the technology evolves, so does the studio.

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Nancy Cartwright Interviews Brad Bird

1906, Brad Bird, Ratatouille, The Incredibles

Posted by Martin • July 1, 2009

Before his days as a Pixar director, Brad Bird worked on The Simpsons. So it’s appropriate that the voice of Bart would conduct a Q&A with the acclaimed director!

Nancy Cartwright chatted with the man she met more than twenty years ago during the early days of the animated sitcom for this Animation World Magazine interview. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Brad Bird, presumably because he’s been busy getting everything together for his upcoming Warner Bros./Disney project titled 1906, so it’s even more exciting to see a brand new article in his own words.

Lead by Cartwright’s informed questions, expect much talk about the multiple Academy Award winning director’s days working on The Simpsons, his further work with Steven Spielberg, his first feature film at Warner Bros. and of course his current home at Pixar! Bird even goes into the production of his first animated short film (completed around age 14) and how his mom tricked him into finishing it which in turn got him hired at Disney. Many fans may know these stories already, but hearing them from the Bird man himself makes it just that much cooler.

He does quickly go over the upcoming 1906 saying it’s "an epic love story/mystery with quite a bit of action and comedy…" Nothing we haven’t heard before, but still very exciting! Read the full article here.

(Thanks, Dan)

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April Fools: A Bug’s Life 2 in 2013?


Posted by Thomas • April 1, 2009

We have just received word from a very reliable source regarding the future of A Bug’s Life. Our source informs us that Pixar is intending to proceed with a sequel to A Bug’s Life, with a projected release date of Winter 2013. 

The film is currently in early pre-production with Darla K. Anderson attached to direct. Darla is currently producing Toy Story 3, due for release next year which would give her the typical 3 years to make a sequel at Pixar. It seems she wouldn’t be the first producer to direct at Pixar either, after Brad Lewis was announced as director of Cars 2 last year. Some of you may recall that Darla has been with Pixar since Toy Story, also serving as producer on A Bug’s Life.
Although the storyline is still in the works, our source tells us it has to do with Ant Island being washed away in a severe flood, and they have to migrate and rebuild in a new location. 

An official announcement from Disney•Pixar is expected to be made with the release of A Bug’s Life on Blu-Ray on May 19.

What do you think about this news? Do sequels bode well for Pixar’s future? How does another producer directing sit in your books? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Note: If you didn’t notice, this was just an April Fool’s joke!

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What Happened to 1906?

1906, Brad Bird

Posted by Martin • February 10, 2009

As I pointed out in my last article about Brad Bird’s future live-action project, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything new about the epic, disaster, love story set in San Francisco.

This begs the question, whatever happened to 1906? Jim Hill speculates on the answer.

With an ambitious script, a need for a huge budget and our tough economic times, 1906 is a hard sell. All that, combined with having to please three studios (Warner Bros., Disney and Pixar) has Brad Bird in a pinch. The article enlightens us on what exactly is taking this movie so long to start official production and compares it to Titanic. That’s where the problem comes in, studios don’t have the safety at these times for a titanic budget, which is required for a film of this scale.

Read the full article over here, it’s even got a little tidbit about a prospective sequel to a movie about a certain family of super heroes…

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More Details on 1906 Straight From the Bird Man Himslef [UPDATE]

1906, Brad Bird, Toy Story 3, UP

Posted by Martin • February 6, 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of 1906 news, well the hiatus is over thanks to The Incredibles and Ratatouille director Brad Bird.

Bird, who is Henry Sellick’s good friend, was seen over at the Coraline premiere and MTV Movies Blog asked a few questions about 1906’s status. Brad said it’ll be a Warner Bros. production with some involvement from Disney and Pixar. He also said that he’s eyeing a few actors but doesn’t want to reveal anything yet and that most of San Francisco will be CG.

He describes the movie as:
"…A romantic, epic, mystery with lots of action in it, based around events leading up to and through the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906.”

He also goes on to quickly mention Up and Toy Story 3 saying that Up is almost done and Toy Story 3 is just about to start main production. Oh, and yes, there will be new characters!

Read the full article here.

(via The Pixar Blog)

Update: Latino Review also chatted with Brad Bird and got similar answers, but the article does add that since this year marks The Iron Giant’s 10th Anniversary, there is a possibility of Bird’s WB debut film to be re-released. He also rests assured that the animator’s safety will be top priority on Toy Story 3 (unlike Toy Story 2’s tragedy’s you can read about online of in Pixar history books) although it has been since the targedy anyways. Read the article in a new perspective here.

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Disney•Pixar/WB To Film In Pompeii?

1906, Animation, Brad Bird, Disney, John Carter of Mars, Pixar, Rumors, Warner Bros.

Posted by Thomas • April 15, 2008

Newsweek‘s Barbie Nadeau writes today about the Pompeii ruins in Italy, and the possible restriction of visitors to the site. What has this to do with Pixar? Well Campania’s (region in Italy of which the Pompeii ruins are a part of) regional heritage councilor, Claudio Velardi wants to limit visitors to the site, but offer it up the venue for rent to large foreign companies. One of these companies is Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. 

Nadeau writes: 

Undeterred, he also plans to talk to Pixar and Warner Bros. about leasing the ruins as movie sets after Roman Polanski’s film "Pompeii," which is stalled in production, was shot in Spain.

Pixar filming in Pompeii? The only Disney•Pixar and Warner Bros. collaboration that we know of is Brad Bird’s live action debut, 1906. Now there are 3 possible reasons offered as to why Pixar might want to film in Pompeii. 

The first of which comes from me. Pompeii has extensive ruins, perhaps Brad Bird wants to film the ruins to and digitally enhance it with 3D animation to make it look like a ruined San Francisco. Although this does seem very unlikely, as I am sure Pixar could create a very realistic ruined San Francisco without the need of Pompeii. Peter from /Film offers up the the possible solution that Brad Bird has written in a scene, including Pompeii in some shape or form. The final solution comes from MB1000 at The Pixar Blog. He suggests that it could be for some part of John Carter of Mars, or another live-action film that is yet to be announced. 

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Pixar Re-Building 1906 Era San Francisco

1906, Brad Bird, Pixar, Rumors

Posted by Thomas • March 26, 2008

A /Film spy sends in word Pixar are building scale models, and that they are also re-creating a computer generated 1906 era San Francisco using photos of the famous city from that time, for Brad Bird’s feature film debut, 1906.

The spy says that it will look very authentic. Also, Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. are unofficially aiming for a Winter 2009 release for the film. 
1906 is being directed by Brad Bird, and is a Disney•Pixar/Warner Bros. Production about a college student who begins to investigate the murder of his father, uncovering a web of deceit that has left the city vulnerable to the sort of fire that breaks out when the Great Earthquake of 1906 hits San Francisco.

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Disney•Pixar, WB Team Up For 1906

1906, Animation, Brad Bird, Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros.

Posted by Thomas • March 13, 2008

Brad Bird has returned to his animated film roots signing on with both Warner Bros. and Disney•Pixar for his first live-action flick, 1906

The story centers on a college student who begins to investigate the murder of his father, uncovering a web of deceit that has left the city vulnerable to the sort of fire that breaks out when the Great Earthquake of 1906 hits San Francisco.

reports The Hollywood Reporter. They mention that Bird is re-writing the original John Logan script, with Paula Weinstein producing and John Walker executively producing.  Courtney Valenti will oversea for Warner Bros, and Disney•Pixar will co-finance the production. 

No release date has been set. 

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Brad Bird Grabs a Golden Tomato

1906, Animation, Awards, Brad Bird, Pixar, Ratatouille, Review

Posted by Thomas • January 26, 2008

Rotten Tomatoes recently caught up with Pixar director, Brad Bird, to discuss Ratatouille, critics, modern animation and his recently gained Golden Tomato award. 

On receiving the award, Bird says:

Well, the Oscars pale [in comparison]. Actually, it’s very gratifying because it has to with an overall acceptance of the film. [Rotten Tomatoes’] a wonderful site to go to and get the vibe on things. It’s wonderful that it got this recognition. So it’s very appreciated from everyone who worked on Ratatouille.

Bird also mentions he will resume work on 1906 once the writer’s strike has been resolved. Read the rest of this interview here.

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A Plethora of Ratatouille Interviews

1906, Blu-Ray, Brad Bird, Cars, DVD, Interview, John Lasseter, Michael Giacchino, Pixar Employees, Ratatouille, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • October 31, 2007 has six great interviews with various Pixarians regarding the upcoming release of Ratatouille on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 6. They talk about the most challenging part of working on Ratatouille, working at Pixar, the success of Ratatouille, WALL-E and even 1906.

They chat with Brad Lewis (Producer) who reveals that he is starting to work on a feature film at Pixar. Michael Giacchino (Composer) is also roped in for an interview, as is Brian Dennehy (Voice of Djano) and Andrew Jiminez (Animator). And finally, two more big wigs, Brad Bird (Director) and John Lasseter (Executive Producer) discuss the world of Pixar and more.

They are worth the time, so why not click one of the links above and grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy.

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