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Nancy Cartwright Interviews Brad Bird

Before his days as a Pixar director, Brad Bird worked on The Simpsons. So it’s appropriate that the voice of Bart would conduct a Q&A with the acclaimed director!

Nancy Cartwright chatted with the man she met more than twenty years ago during the early days of the animated sitcom for this Animation World Magazine interview. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Brad Bird, presumably because he’s been busy getting everything together for his upcoming Warner Bros./Disney project titled 1906, so it’s even more exciting to see a brand new article in his own words.

Lead by Cartwright’s informed questions, expect much talk about the multiple Academy Award winning director’s days working on The Simpsons, his further work with Steven Spielberg, his first feature film at Warner Bros. and of course his current home at Pixar! Bird even goes into the production of his first animated short film (completed around age 14) and how his mom tricked him into finishing it which in turn got him hired at Disney. Many fans may know these stories already, but hearing them from the Bird man himself makes it just that much cooler.

He does quickly go over the upcoming 1906 saying it’s "an epic love story/mystery with quite a bit of action and comedy…" Nothing we haven’t heard before, but still very exciting! Read the full article here.

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