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Up Weekday Box Office (6/29/09-7/2/09) [UPDATE X3]

This is likely going to be the last in the series of "Up Weekday Box Office" (not to be confused with Box Office Buzz) for the movie’s run.

Notice I said likely… I could change my mind because the way Up is doing on weekends and weekdays is phenomenal! Let’s examine: Two week ago on Monday Up made $3.6 million, the next Monday it dropped just over -20% to $2.7 million and this Monday is the same case! Those minimal drops are remarkable, demonstrating "legs" that haven’t been this "long" since Finding Nemo! That’s saying a lot considering Pixar is known for long runs at the box office.

So while I decide if this feature will stay afloat for another week or not, why don’t we check out how Pete Docter’s latest film is doing, updated daily:

Monday: $2,160,831
Tuesday: $2,571,769
Wednesday: $1,584,709 (Passed Monsters, Inc.)
Thursday: $1,742,000 (Estimate)

Cumulative: $258,294,000 (Estimate)

Notes and Predictions: As Up keeps climbing the ladder of success, more and more records are being broken. For example, Up is now #45 in the top grossers of all time, it should land at #40 by next week. This means it’ll likely pass Monsters, Inc. by Wednesday and The Incredibles by Friday making it the 2nd highest grossing Pixar movie ever! Again, we’ll see how the other upcoming sequels affect Up which is still the #1 movie of 2009. Transformers has been making big bucks but hasn’t really broken into Up’s revenue, so all we can do is wait and support the film…

International: Let’s not forget about the worldwide market! I’m betting Up could be like Ratatouille, having double the domestic take internationally! But for now it’s not the biggest worldwide campaign because it’s opening slowly in major territories. Cumulative foreign box office is at $35,364,786 with worldwide totals at a strong $287,760,171!

So, let us know, should "Up Weekday Box Office" posts stay or go?

(via Box Office Mojo)

0 Responses to Up Weekday Box Office (6/29/09-7/2/09) [UPDATE X3]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vote to stay!


  2. Anonymous says:

    They should stay. Who knows how much it will make once they release the film internationally.

  3. martini833 says:

    Thanks for the feedback!
    I’m heavily considering keeping this feature up for a few more weeks!

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