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Brad Bird Grabs a Golden Tomato

Rotten Tomatoes recently caught up with Pixar director, Brad Bird, to discuss Ratatouille, critics, modern animation and his recently gained Golden Tomato award. 

On receiving the award, Bird says:

Well, the Oscars pale [in comparison]. Actually, it’s very gratifying because it has to with an overall acceptance of the film. [Rotten Tomatoes’] a wonderful site to go to and get the vibe on things. It’s wonderful that it got this recognition. So it’s very appreciated from everyone who worked on Ratatouille.

Bird also mentions he will resume work on 1906 once the writer’s strike has been resolved. Read the rest of this interview here.

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  1. Awww, Brad looks adorable with that award. =3 Ahem…

    It’s really cool to know that Pixar were checking the Rotten Tomatoes site, just like we were when the reviews staring coming in. I was hoping that it would stay at 100%, but then there always has to be the reviewers that don’t recommend it, just to get themselves publicity. One of them wasn’t even a proper reviewer at all, he just had a website. Oh well. At least it ended up with 100% with the cream of the crop.

    It’s sort of annoys me how Ratatouille can win a joint-award from Rotten Tomatoes as best movie of the year from the top movie review site, (as well as a being the best reviewed movie for 2008 at Metacritic), and yet still not receive even a nomination for Best Movie at the Oscars. I’m not sure what the rules are like, but from the sounds of things I don’t think there is a rule against that. It’s just so… unfair. Like it doesn’t count because it is animated. >.<

    Gah! Congrats anyway Brad, and the rest of the team. <3

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