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Brad Bird talks about Pixar’s bright future and more

The Incredibles 2 director was a guest on Deadline’s Crew Call podcast recently. The film has enjoyed massive success since its June debut earlier this year, and has earned an impressive number of nominations at the Annies and Golden Globes. Bird mainly discussed the notable improvements in CGI, a huge leap from the “edge of failure” he and the crew were on in the first film. The technology is continuously evolving with dazzling results.

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Bird also spoke about his live action ventures. His 1906 epic about that year’s devastating San Francisco earthquake was never formally greenlit due to problems with budget and the story. Bird revealed that tackling the story has posed the most significant obstacle, but he remains enthusiastic about it nonetheless. The film was originally going to be produced by both Pixar and Warner Bros. Is there a chance it could still see the light of movie screens someday? Bird hopes so. But he’s also working on another live action project! He couldn’t say any more beyond that (of course), but it will feature twenty minutes of animation. Immediately I thought of “The Origins of Plus Ultra,” a seriously cool animated sequence that was ultimately cut from Bird’s Tomorrowland.

Besides discussing his films and upcoming projects, Bird offered his thoughts on Pixar’s new direction. I believe this is the first time someone at the studio has directly addressed John Lasseter’s departure. Bird didn’t comment on the allegations of misconduct against the former studio chief, but he did remark positively on where Pixar is headed.

“As long as I’ve been at Pixar, Pixar has been changing. […] It’s never really been exactly the same place, it can’t stay frozen in amber. There’s too many people, and times change and experiences change…There’s an amazing collection of talent there and the foundation of supporting filmmakers’ visions that is kind of, the secret sauce to Pixar’s enduring, continuing success. So I think there is a very bright future for Pixar.”

Brad Bird’s optimism is encouraging and justified. Just as the technology evolves, so does the studio.

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