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Pixar Presents Presto

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Posted by Thomas • April 10, 2008

Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew, relates a story of him about to throw out a junk flyer for the Hiroshima International Animation Festival when he noticed the image (pictured right) from Presto, the directorial debut of Pixar’s supervising animator, Doug Sweetland. The short is to be attached to WALL•E’s premiere on June 27. 

Martini883, a Pixar fan who writes about why he likes Pixar, has found a short synopsis of the short in Disney’s vault for Disney enthusiasts. It reads:

Presto DiGiotagione, a turn-of-the-century magician, is famous for an astounding hat trick. Presto’s apprentice rabbit, Alec, however, is dissatisfied as he shares none of Presto’s wild success. While Presto is out eating lavish dinner, Alec is left behind, locked in a birdcage with a carrot torturously out of reach. Directed by Doug Sweetland. Sweetland also voices Presto and Alec. 5 min

The Hiroshima International Animation Festival runs August 7-11.

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Pixar, Jim Capobianco at Future Film Festival

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Posted by Thomas • January 6, 2008

Pixar will be making a special appearance at the Future Film Festival this year.

On the occasion of the tenth birthday of Future Film Festival, great news and special meetings are in the works. Pixar Animation Studios will be three times present: firstly through the making of the short film Lifted, then through the Italian premiére of the documentary The Pixar Story by Leslie Iwerks, granddaughter of the famous Ub Iweks and finally through the worldwide premiere of the short My [Your] friend the Rat, whose protagonist is the mouse of Ratatouille.

What an exciting lineup for our friend in Bologna, Italy. Jim Capobianco, director of Your Friend the Rat adds on his blog, that YFtR will screen on Saturday, January 19th at 7pm. He also says, 

After the screening, I am giving a, hopefully coherent, talk about the making of the short and take questions. So if you find yourself in Bologna come by and say "hey". Also, being shown is Gary Rydstrom’s "Lifted" on Thursday the 18th with a talk by Mark Holmes Lifted’s production designer.

The festival runs from January 15-20 in Bologna, Italy. Hopefully some of our Italian readers in the area can make it.

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Your Friend the Rat Little Golden Book

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Posted by Thomas • January 3, 2008

Scott Morse of Pixar fame, tells us about the Your Friend the Rat Little Golden Book on his blog. Scott also mentions his involvement in making backgrounds and colour styling for the short film. You can also view some behind-the-scenes photos from the making of Your Friend the Rat over at Jim Capbianco’s blog

You can purchase the Little Golden Book from for $2.99USD. Scott says it features actual art from the short, so it might just be worth that bit of pocket change.

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A Tin Toy Christmas That Never Was

Jim Hill, Short Film, Tin Toy, Toy Story

Posted by Thomas • December 14, 2007

Just briefly, Jim Hill looks at the Pixar TV special, A Tin Toy Christmas that never was.

Jim looks at how this TV special eventually turned into Toy Story. If you are interested, click here.

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Violet: Pixar’s Foray into Live Action

Live Action, Pixar, Short Film, Your Friend, The Rat

Posted by Thomas • November 25, 2007

You know when you are browsing the web and you click one link and you see something you like, you click another and then you just stumble upon a site of great value? That’s what happened to me today. I happened upon Alex Mandel’s blog. I bet you’re all wondering, "Who the heck is Alex?". It appears as if Alex has scored quite a few little Pixar shorts such as, Mr Incredible and Pals, a Cars State Farm commercial and even the newest short to accompany Ratatouille on DVD, Your Friend the Rat.

This blog has some great information on scoring YFTR (more information on creating the short can be found at Jim Capobianco’s blog), but I was most intrigued by this post, "Violet" Screens At Mill Valley Film Festival. "What’s Violet?" I hear you ask.

"Violet" is a live-action short drama directed by Mark Andrews (Incredibles, Ratatouille, One Man Band). It’s the first film release from Pixar University.

You can check out it’s IMDB page here. The Mill Valley Film Festival site says this of the short film.

Partings are often loaded times of in-betweenness. Mark Andrews’ Violet (US 21 mins) looks at what happens when someone never quite learns to let go.

Was anyone at the MVFF and did they catch this short film while they were there? Thoughts are always welcome.

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Luxo Jr. Is Alive!

Luxo, Jr., Short Film

Posted by Thomas • November 23, 2007

Luxo Jr. Has been brought to life by the Mllamp Project.

Mllamp project is an experiment for simulating emotions with putting minimal intelligence into everyday things.

If it has some anropomorph character, the viewer can easily go into with recognizing human gestures.

The interaction between the pair of Mllamps associated with human behavior can be recognised as emotions in lamps.

Watch the other video here. [via Gizmodo]

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Pixar Short Films Collection Review

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Posted by Thomas • October 26, 2007

Ultimate Disney has received their copy of the Pixar Shorts Films Collection: Volume 1 DVD, and have provided a review for us all. What do they say?

In short, this is a sweet buy for about $10, but until you find it at that price, feel free to pass, knowing that you already own most of it and might own even more if the 2005 Toy Story movie rereleases hadn’t dropped their accompaniment in anticipation of this.

You can read the full step-by-step review here.

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