Violet: Pixar's Foray into Live Action

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You know when you are browsing the web and you click one link and you see something you like, you click another and then you just stumble upon a site of great value? That’s what happened to me today. I happened upon Alex Mandel’s blog. I bet you’re all wondering, "Who the heck is Alex?". It appears as if Alex has scored quite a few little Pixar shorts such as, Mr Incredible and Pals, a Cars State Farm commercial and even the newest short to accompany Ratatouille on DVD, Your Friend the Rat.

This blog has some great information on scoring YFTR (more information on creating the short can be found at Jim Capobianco’s blog), but I was most intrigued by this post, "Violet" Screens At Mill Valley Film Festival. "What’s Violet?" I hear you ask.

"Violet" is a live-action short drama directed by Mark Andrews (Incredibles, Ratatouille, One Man Band). It’s the first film release from Pixar University.

You can check out it’s IMDB page here. The Mill Valley Film Festival site says this of the short film.

Partings are often loaded times of in-betweenness. Mark Andrews’ Violet (US 21 mins) looks at what happens when someone never quite learns to let go.

Was anyone at the MVFF and did they catch this short film while they were there? Thoughts are always welcome.

Last modified: November 25, 2007