The Bear and The Bow (Brave)

How Brave Is Pixar? [UPDATE]

The Bear and The Bow (Brave)

Posted by Martin • March 16, 2010

Remember what happened when Pete Docter "slipped" the title Brave in an interview last year while promoting Up?

Well, it seemed like everyone was scrambling through the ‘net to find more details about the project only to find that it was only a codename for the previously announced Brenda Chapman film, The Bear and the Bow.

Now, Stitch Kingdom is bringing the name back! Brave seems to have been recently trademarked over fourteen times by Disney! The fan blog also discovered that Disney registered domain names related to Brave including BRAVEMOVIE.COM and BRAVETHEMOVIE.COM. What’s more, there seems to be no domain names related to TBatB… This story follows closely behind the tracks of recent domain registrations for rumored Toy Story Toons and a slew of brand new Cars Toons.

But what makes this new information all the more interesting is that we are now led to believe that Pixar’s winter 2011 fairytale has been rebranded to its working title of "Brave." I warmed up to The Bear and the Bow, but I honestly don’t mind the title Brave. They both seem very fitting as the title character, Merida, apparently defies all odds. Keep in mind, this is well backed-up, but still speculation.

This brings us to question why TBatB may have been re-titled. Well, as Disney has been shutting down projects (King of Elves, The Snow Queen, maybe even Newt) they’ve also been renaming films to better target a wide range of demographics. For example, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Rapunzel was recently changed to Tangled — apparently to appeal to young boys.

The irony in this decision, though, is that it doesn’t seem very brave to switch a title just to please a certain demographic. But then again, this was the internal name for the project, so maybe The Bear and the Bow was just something Marketing came up with to present to shareholders back in April of 2008. This is also the studio that brought us the very brave trio of Ratatouille, WALL•E, and Up. But does a title really matter, isn’t it the story that counts?

Update: Apparently, Disney has trademarked the term DISNEY PIXAR BRAVE very recently, adding fuel to the fire of this very plausible rumor. This is a near confirmation, is all I’m saying…

What do you think about the possible name change for this 2011 project?

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Is “Newt” Dead? Cars 2 Having Production Problems?

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Posted by Thomas • February 12, 2010

Is Pixar's Newt dead?It’s taken a couple of days for us to catch onto this big rumour floating about the interwebs. Disney veteran Floyd Norman posted a comment on The Animation Guild Blog indicating that Gary Rydstrom’s feature film directorial debut, newt, is dead. 

"Oh, and "Newt" is dead." writes Norman. When he was asked to elaborate further, he replies, "Naturally, our pals up north run a tight ship, so it’s not polite to provide details at this time." Michael of Progress City, USA thinks that Monster’s Inc. 2 will fill that gap in the Pixar timeline.

Norman also commented on The Bear and the Bow, "However, I have had the opportunity to speak with Brenda Chapman, and I’m looking forward to her film. As far as the release date, you’ll have to wait for Disney to disclose that."

In related news, Michael writes on Progress City, USA

"In stranger news, I’ve had two sources independently hint to me that Cars 2 is actually having production problems, and I’ve seen that rumor posted anonymously today on the Animation Guild’s blog. Whispering campaign or fact, I don’t know, but it’s something to keep an eye out for."

This is all rumours at the moment and we can only wait for an official word from the Mouse or Pixar. With newt due for release in 2012, hopefully it’s not too long.

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USA Today’s Extensive Article on Up, Pixar’s Past, Present and Future

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Posted by Martin • May 22, 2009

USA Today is running a rich feature on Up including sections dedicated to Pixar’s past and future and an interactive timeline.

The main article starts off with a story about a couple who bond over Pixar movies. It’s a sweet tale of how the two lovebirds mark special occasions with these special movies. In the first few sections you’ll find USA Today’s non-spoilerific synopsis of the film with quotes from viewers weaved in, as well as a response to the Wall Street naysayers.

In the next section, the author takes Lasseter’s famous quote, "Quality is the best business plan", to the next level! This part of the article highlights the directors that make Pixar what it is and the new directors which will redefine the studio with their upcoming projects. Rejoining the 3D Revolution basically goes over how Pixar’s been making "3D" films all along, but that we only got to see them in 2D… until now. Restocking the Talent Pool talks about the new directors coming onto the scene. Last but not least there’s Repairing the Gender Gap which is a response to the recent question coming up around the ‘net: where are Pixar’s female leads? This section focuses on Brenda Chapman and her upcoming Pixar fairy tale which is "driven" by Merida "as opposed to having things happen to her. And there is no waiting for a prince."

Also of note is the interactive feature that chronicles each of Pixar’s 10 film. Laden with quotes from the directors and a clip of their favorite scene from their films, this is a fun way of anticipating the next installment in the Pixar canon. You can find that piece right here.

What are your opinions on the subject matter covered here? Enjoy reading this very fleshed out article, I highly recommend it!

(Thanks, TheIncredible)

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Reese Witherspoon on The Bear and the Bow

The Bear and The Bow (Brave)

Posted by Martin • March 18, 2009

As you probably know, DreamWorks Animation’s Monsters Vs. Aliens is coming to theatres soon, so of course one of the film’s stars, Reese Witherspoon, is out doing publicity.

It seem inevitable that Reese would be talking about her next animated character after Ginormica, especially since she’s very excited to be in a Pixar film. This is what she had to say about the studio’s Winter 2011 release The Bear and the Bow and her character Merida:

"I get offered a lot of animated movies… [then] Pixar came along with [a] great character. A girl from royalty who would rather be a great archer? And she has a Scottish accent? Who could turn that down? You always go for the great character to play, even if she’s animated."

Sounds like Reese has caught the animation bug, and she’s loving it!
Read the full article over at the Orlando Sentinel.

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Spot the References: ‘Up’ Trailer

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Posted by Thomas • November 9, 2008

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the second trailer for Up, Pete Docter, Bob Peterson and Pixar’s May 29, 2009 outing. It is now also available over at in all formats for your pleasure. 

Now as I am sure have spotted, there are a number of items in the trailer that could possibly reference other Pixar works. Spungella has taken screenshots of the possible references here. These include the Luxo ball, the toy airplane from Toy Story, and even possibly WALL•E written in the metal of the North-South-East-West on the roof.
One reference of particular interest is a stuffed toy bear. You may remember in Pete Docter’s last film, Monster’s Inc., that Boo shows Sulley a number of her toys including a squeaky Nemo toy from Finding Nemo. Pixar are notorious for referencing upcoming films of their own. Could this bear be a reference to The Bear and the Bow, due out Christmas 2011? Some may recall that Finding Nemo referenced both The Incredibles and Cars, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for Pixar to reference up to 3 films ahead in production, especially if TBatB has been pushed forward to Summer 2011 to replace newt.
On a side note, Carl sends in this picture where he thinks there might be a Mickey the Mouse reference in the Up logo. I think it’s just coincidence.
Thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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Cars 2 in 2011; Mater’s Tall Tales

Cars 2, Newt, The Bear and The Bow (Brave)

Posted by Martin • September 24, 2008

John Lasseter announced today that Cars 2 would be pushed "forward" to the summer of 2011 from it’s previous slot in 2012. Lasseter told the reporters at the Walt Disney Studios Showcase (held at the Kodak Theater) that the sequel was inspired by cars he saw around the world in his publicity tours and features Mater the tow truck getting his passport and taking a worldwide trip with Lightning McQueen.

He also gave more information on Cars Toons the TV interstitials that will air on Disney Channel (and will also be available online) based on the Cars characters. These shorts will feature Mater’s Tall Tales, a group of stories told by the trusty tow truck himself, the first in the series was shown at the presenation in which Mater tells Lightning how he used to be a fire truck.

This is very exciting news for Pixar fans, but it also leaves one question, which Pixar movie will be moved? There are a few possible scenarios:
1) Newt getting pushed to the Summer of 2012 or Winter of 2010 (Note: Newt has no cast listed yet, so the former is more likely).
2) Newt becomes a winter 2011 release, and The Bear and the Bow becomes a Summer 2012 release, very unlikely.
3) Three Pixar movies in one year, this means two sequels back to back.

(via MTV Movies Blog)

Tell us what you think…

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New Images from Up, newt & The Bear and the Bow

Disney, Newt, Pixar, The Bear and The Bow (Brave), UP

Posted by Thomas • May 9, 2008

The french website has posted some images (translated from french to english) from the April 8 press conference and presentation in New York, which includes some new images from Up, Bolt, newt, The Bear and the Bow and The Princess and the Frog

newt Image 1

The Bear and the Bow Image 1 

In the Up images we see what the house looks like in full form, and where it is situated on the ground. The newt image depicts a diagram of a blue-footed newt doing some kind of mating dance perhaps, and The Bear and the Bow image shows the character designs of the main characters. 

Thanks Kinoo

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The Bear And The Bow To Be A Disney Princess

Brenda Chapman, Business, Disney, The Bear and The Bow (Brave)

Posted by Thomas • May 6, 2008

During the Walt Disney Company Earnings webcast today, Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned that Brenda Chapman’s 2011 Pixar feature film, The Bear and the Bow, will be incorporated into the Disney Princess franchise. 

More information on the Q2 financial results can be found here.

Set in the rugged and mythic highlands of Scotland, The Bear and the Bow is the tale of a princess, Merida and her battle with the unpredictable forces of nature, magic and dark, ancient curse to set things right in her kingdom.

[via The Pixar Blog

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Quint Discusses Upcoming Pixar Films

Animation, Disney, Newt, Pixar, The Bear and The Bow (Brave), Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, UP, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • April 10, 2008

Quint of Aint It Cool News was in attendance at the recent Disney•Pixar Animation Presentation, where details were given on WALL•E, Up, Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, newt and The Bear and the Bow.

He has kindly written up a detailed report of the Pixar side of the event (he is writing up the Disney side later), and posted it on the site. Click here to read about it, however, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

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Disney•Pixar Feature Animation Slate Images

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Posted by Thomas • April 9, 2008

Group PhotoI have put together a set of photos and images from the Disney•Pixar feature film slate announcement today, including a few images from the event, as well as promotional images for the films.

Click here to view them.

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