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USA Today’s Extensive Article on Up, Pixar’s Past, Present and Future

USA Today is running a rich feature on Up including sections dedicated to Pixar’s past and future and an interactive timeline.

The main article starts off with a story about a couple who bond over Pixar movies. It’s a sweet tale of how the two lovebirds mark special occasions with these special movies. In the first few sections you’ll find USA Today’s non-spoilerific synopsis of the film with quotes from viewers weaved in, as well as a response to the Wall Street naysayers.

In the next section, the author takes Lasseter’s famous quote, "Quality is the best business plan", to the next level! This part of the article highlights the directors that make Pixar what it is and the new directors which will redefine the studio with their upcoming projects. Rejoining the 3D Revolution basically goes over how Pixar’s been making "3D" films all along, but that we only got to see them in 2D… until now. Restocking the Talent Pool talks about the new directors coming onto the scene. Last but not least there’s Repairing the Gender Gap which is a response to the recent question coming up around the ‘net: where are Pixar’s female leads? This section focuses on Brenda Chapman and her upcoming Pixar fairy tale which is "driven" by Merida "as opposed to having things happen to her. And there is no waiting for a prince."

Also of note is the interactive feature that chronicles each of Pixar’s 10 film. Laden with quotes from the directors and a clip of their favorite scene from their films, this is a fun way of anticipating the next installment in the Pixar canon. You can find that piece right here.

What are your opinions on the subject matter covered here? Enjoy reading this very fleshed out article, I highly recommend it!

(Thanks, TheIncredible)

0 Responses to USA Today’s Extensive Article on Up, Pixar’s Past, Present and Future

  1. Anonymous says:

    The timeline is really cool. Pixar site can do that, a little change to make the site more friendly.

    Speaking of which, that site is like frozen and cold for a long time. I don’t ask for game and flashy effects, just a little bit more than the minimalistic design and more information.

  2. martini833 says:

    I completely agree with you there about the Pixar website Anonymous, it does need an update.
    Just as a random note to this blog post, I wanted to point out that I went overboard with this one so I cut half of what I had written and it was still long. The article was very meaty so I guess that’s why. More info for you guys!!
    Speaking of going overboard, I haven’t posted this many articles EVER! I can safely say it’s the busiest day for me yet. I’m going to fall asleep and I hope to wake up to a nice amount of feedback here in the comments section. 🙂
    Wow I just went overboard with this comment. Geez.

  3. I’ll try to take time to read this article in the future, but I also agree that Pixar needs to update their site more often.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great article! can’t wait to see the work of those 3 new directors
    and the timeline is cool…great to see each director’s favourite scene

  5. Anonymous says:

    Woah. Some of the comments on that article are really, REALLY stupid. Especiallly the one that claims Bolt to be better than Wall-E.

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