First Award For Up… Not Your Typical Prize: The Palm Dog!

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I guess this could be considered the first award for Up, and it goes to Dug.

The talking Mutt from Pixar’s 10th won Cannes‘ highest (dog) honor, The Palm Dog award. This prize is a spoof of the Palme d’Or which is Cannes top prize for films in competition. Speaking of competition, Dug was UP against a black Nazi poodle from Inglorious Basterds. A diamante collar with "Palm Dog" embroidered on it was awarded to a member of the Pixar team, not specified who. As you may remember Up was also honored as the first ever animated and 3D feature film to open Cannes.

Let’s hope this isn’t the last time we hear "Up" and "award" in the same sentence. Now that Dug has been named the best canine of 2009 and that Up is still at 100% with over 20 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes it seems likely those two words will be combined into sentences a lot, at least here at Upcoming Pixar!

Read more about Dug’s win at the Palm Dog award ceremony here.

Last modified: May 22, 2009