Up Pre-Release Interviews Round-Up!

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With Up less than a week away, it’s no surprise Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera have been participating in tons of interviews lately. Here are some more I think you’ll really enjoy:

This year Pete Docter is in the spotlight and the media wants to hear what he has to say. The Orlando Sentinel asked why Pixar doesn’t give much away in the trailers, Docter responds by posing the question: "How DO you describe it?" after saying "With this one, it’s impossible to do a trailer that describes the movie." The director also talked to Mercury News about ignoring the stress that Pixar’s legacy can impose. Another major factor Docter and team are ignoring are marketing gimmicks. The San Francisco Chronicle and The Boston Globe inquired about this pressing issue (among other things) that has been reported around the internet with each Pixar movie seeming more and more "out there." Guess they’re ignoring Toy Story 3!!

Let’s not forget about the talented producer of Up who’s been at Pixar for 14 years now. He answered a few questions for the San Francisco Examiner about his job. He loves the fact that he has different task every day, but he hates that he has to say no to the director if things just aren’t possible. Find out what the best piece of advice he ever got was, big inspiration for non-animators who want to make it to Pixar, and more.

The dynamic duo of director Docter and producer Rivera are also great when being interviewed together. A great example is Coming Soon’s conversation with the team. It’s divided into a first and second interview, one taking place a few months back and the other being from the last day. Among the typical Up talk, there’s Pete’s reaction to the Monsters, Inc. 2 rumors and his mention of a film we haven’t heard of yet called "Brave", wonder if that was a typo…

As a little bonus, check out Ed Asner’s thoughts on the film and how it took him down to Earth. This Up themed interview is from The Wall Street Journal.
Speaking of Ed Asner, John Ratzenberger actually recorded dialogue with the legendary actor to bounce off of each other. Suburban Chicago news has the full conversation with Pixar’s lucky charm.

Enjoy the interviews and of course, the movie in just 6 days!!

Last modified: May 23, 2009