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Cars 2 in 2011; Mater’s Tall Tales

John Lasseter announced today that Cars 2 would be pushed "forward" to the summer of 2011 from it’s previous slot in 2012. Lasseter told the reporters at the Walt Disney Studios Showcase (held at the Kodak Theater) that the sequel was inspired by cars he saw around the world in his publicity tours and features Mater the tow truck getting his passport and taking a worldwide trip with Lightning McQueen.

He also gave more information on Cars Toons the TV interstitials that will air on Disney Channel (and will also be available online) based on the Cars characters. These shorts will feature Mater’s Tall Tales, a group of stories told by the trusty tow truck himself, the first in the series was shown at the presenation in which Mater tells Lightning how he used to be a fire truck.

This is very exciting news for Pixar fans, but it also leaves one question, which Pixar movie will be moved? There are a few possible scenarios:
1) Newt getting pushed to the Summer of 2012 or Winter of 2010 (Note: Newt has no cast listed yet, so the former is more likely).
2) Newt becomes a winter 2011 release, and The Bear and the Bow becomes a Summer 2012 release, very unlikely.
3) Three Pixar movies in one year, this means two sequels back to back.

(via MTV Movies Blog)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    newt can’t be released winter 2010, can it? Not with Rapunzel scheduled for release then… Unless of course they move it.

    Seems like a very weird move. Isn’t the Cars attraction in Disneyland opening in summer 2012? I thought Cars 2 would be perfect then.

  2. martini833 says:

    Anything can happen with Disney! 😉
    Anyways, I noted that Newt moving to the summer of 2012 would make the most sense.

  3. uruseiranma says:

    I don’t want to even think it: could this be restructuring based on some at Disney saying Wall-E’s possible ‘underperformance’ brought this about?

    Though given that one article said that PIXAR employees are working hard to make these films, I have bad feelings that they could possibly lead to ‘animator burnout’ the likes of which happened during ‘Toy Story 2.’

  4. martini833 says:

    I’m pretty sure the “animation burnout” of Toy Story 2 won’t happen with Cars 2 since John Lasseter is overseing production and he promised that it would never happen again, also it’s too early for animation to start on Cars 2, I think by animators, they meant the story people, etc.

  5. I hope Cars 2 turns out to be a good film. Pixar have never let me down before, but the premise of this movie really doesn’t interest me.

  6. Al-Bob says:

    This should be good….would like to see newt and Cars together…great way to have backup in case Cars isn’t that great.

  7. This better be good.
    Pixar has done so well pushing and making themselves better. If Cars 2 is nowhere near good, it doesn’t mean it can be balanced out with another PIxar film. I really would like them to pour their heart and soul with every film they make.

  8. I really hope it won’t be newt that is delayed. I don’t like the idea of Cars 2 anyway, but for it to meddle with a Pixar film I’m looking forward to, gah! Hopefully The Bear and the Bow will be moved instead…

    Martin, what are the few possible scenarios, exactly? You didn’t specify. 😉

  9. Anonymous says:

    Scenarios involving newt’s fate:

    1. newt moved to 2012: most likely
    2009: Up + The Princess and the Frog
    2010: Toy Story 3 + Rapunzel
    2011: Cars 2 + The Bear and the Bow
    2012: newt + King of the Elves

    2. newt moved to 2010: clash with Rapunzel
    2010: Toy Story 3 + Rapunzel + newt
    2011: Cars 2 + The Bear and the Bow
    2012: King of the Elves

    3. newt moved to March 2011: 3 Pixar movies in a year: horror and chaos
    2011: newt + Cars 2 + The Bear and the Bow
    2012: King of the Elves

    4. newt is canceled: horror and chaos and blasphemy!

    I wish we hear more about this.

  10. martini833 says:

    Oops! Rachel, I think I accidental deleted them, they should be up now.

  11. MB1000 says:

    /Film reports Newt in Summer 2012…

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