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Coco Exclusives: Research and New Movie clip

There are two elements of the filmmaking process that Pixar prioritizes above all else – story and research. They are famed for both, and Coco is the latest film to rely extensively on research. As they did in 2012 with Brave, a team was assembled for a research trip, this time to Mexico. A new featurette was released yesterday about the Mexico trip and demonstrates their commitment to authenticity. Watch the video below.

But that’s not all! You can also watch the “Mariachi Plaza” scene that features Abuelita in all her fearsome, chancla wielding glory! This is an extended clip that’s appeared briefly in earlier trailers and videos. Although Abuelita dominates this scene, Miguel earns our sympathy as he wistfully shares his dream to someday become a musician.

Both of these clips succeed in communicating Pixar’s dedication to research and story. Keep an eye out for more previews!

3 Responses to Coco Exclusives: Research and New Movie clip

  1. Jeanne Lazzarini says:

    This really reminds me of “The Book of Life” by Reel FX
    that came out a couple years ago —- quite similar in many ways!

  2. Jeanne Lazzarini says:

    This movie looks — love the emotions depicted in the faces! Great work as always at Pixar!

  3. Jeanne Lazzarini says:

    I meant to say it looks awesome!!!! — pressed send too soon!

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