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Create The Ultimate Toy Story Trailer To Win Toy Story 3 Premiere Tickets!

With all the talk of Toy Story promos coming from all across the internet, wouldn’t you want to be a part of the action?

Metacafe and Disney/Pixar have partnered up to launch the Ultimate Toy Story Trailer Mash-Up video editor! On the site you can choose from multiple clips to cut together into your very own double feature advertisement. The editor is complete with transitions and soundtracks allowing for very personalized and creative clips.

From the title of this post you may be asking, what’s in it for me? Oh, nothing… Just a chance to win tickets to the Toy Story 3 premiere next year!!! After you’ve finished mixing the trailer, you’ll be asked to submit your creation into the contest. That’s all you have to do and you might end up on the red carpet!

Good luck everyone!

Important Double Feature Notice: Lee Unkrich confirmed today on Twitter that the "new Toy Story 3 trailer will be exclusively in theaters." He added that it wouldn’t be online "until after the TS/TS2 limited two week run." Yet another reason for you guys to run for the nearest megaplex this Friday.

0 Responses to Create The Ultimate Toy Story Trailer To Win Toy Story 3 Premiere Tickets!

  1. martini833 says:

    I’m not sure. But go for it.

  2. Mitch says:

    Here’s my entry:

    The website screwed up the video, though. The clip featuring Buzz and the gang in the terminal wasn’t supposed to run by twice. Ah well. I may redo the entire thing later on and submit it again. Either way, this was fun to do! Thank you for the link, martini!

  3. annarborjack says:

    I did two! Once called:
    “Toy Story Randomness!”
    And Another one called:
    “Toy Story 3 Trailer 2,or is it?”

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