Detroit Film Critics Name Up Best Picture of the Year!

Awards News

Detroit loves Up! At least, according to the Detroit Film Critics Society which named Pixar’s 10th as their best of 2009!

In the Best Picture category, Up won against the following big-time Oscar buzz generating films: (500) Days of Summer, The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds and Up in the Air. Pete Docter also went home with Best Director for Up, competing against each helmer of the aforementioned films.

With Up landing Best Animated in a bunch of this year’s other critic awards, it’s refreshing to see the highest honor bestowed upon Pixar’s latest in the Michigan-based awards. What’s strange is that the DFCS Awards doesn’t appear to have a Best Animated Feature award, not that it needs one. Anyway, you can see the rest of the DFCS winners here.

Here’s hoping the Academy recognize Up as the DFCS has, or if anything else, allows for a Best Picture nomination. But for now, congratulations, Pete Docter and co. on another momentous win!

Last modified: December 20, 2009