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Dinosaurs, Planes and Rumors! Oh, My! - Upcoming Pixar


Dinosaurs, Planes and Rumors! Oh, My!

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Question: What’s a sure fire way of generating traffic to your movie website?

Answer: Write a story about Pixar.

I guess we would know. After all, this entire site is devoted to Pixar fandom and the servers haven’t been able to keep up with the amount of visits lately. We thank you for your time/apologize for that.

But this phenomenon certainly isn’t exclusive to the internet. Discovery Channel was able to get quite a lot of hype for their TV special, Reign of the Dinosaurs, with misleading reports about Pixar’s (non) involvement — until they had to correct themselves.

My point is simple — rumors about Pixar come and go. Sometimes they turn out to be true, and other times they just fizzle away into the internet’s abyss. Like… nevermind. This brings us to the main event.

Before you begin to think that I was completely oblivious to the ‘Planes" reports making the rounds lately, I’d like to set things straight. I realize that posting about the subject just fuels the flames of the rumor, but I honestly have no reason to believe that Pixar is making a direct-to-video spin-off of Cars. The original source, Movieline, only claims to have "heard" (from who? Lasseter; the studio; an anonymous Pixarian?) about such a project.

As Pixar Talk noted, all of this sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke. It’s almost like one of our annual Upcoming Pixar pranks has begun to run wild.

Now, you might be asking, "How are you so sure that Planes isn’t a real project?" I’m not here to claim that it is or isn’t — I don’t actually know for sure. All I’m saying is, don’t be alarmed. This kind of thing happens all the time…

Update: Just as I privately suspected, the Animation Guild blog reports that Planes is being produced at DisneyToon Studios — not Pixar. Think Buzz Lightyear of Star Command; no story details have been revealed.

Your thoughts?

Last modified: July 17, 2010