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Disney Adopting Shorts Before Features

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Business Week talks about how Disney is adopting the Pixar way of making the directors create a short film before making the big leap to directing a feature film.

When Walt Disney Co.‘s chief creative officer, John A. Lasseter, went hunting recently for someone to direct Disney’s big-budget animated flick American Dog, he turned to Chris Williams, a first-time feature film director whose main experience working on features was as a story artist for movies like Chicken Little. It was a big jump for Williams, but Lasseter had liked what he’d seen in Golgo’s Guest, a quirky five-minute short film Williams directed, featuring a lonely Russian soldier visited by a flying saucer.

says the article.

The article also talks briefly about the short film that will show in theatres soon, How to Hook Up Your Home Theatre featuring Goofy, and also another short in production, The Ballad of Nessie about the Loch Ness Monster.
Have a read here. [via The Disney Blog]

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