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Disney Captures Motion Monster reports that The Walt Disney Company has got stolen of director, Robert Zemeckis (Monster House, Forest Gump) from DreamWorks Pictures and they are very close to signing a deal to bring his company, ImageMovers over to Disney in a multi-year agreement.

“Pixar’s output is their output, and they feel that the only way they can keep the quality control where they need it is to keep going at the pace they’ve been going. But [Disney CEO] Bob Iger feels that while Pixar was a good first step into making sure Disney is the preeminent force in animation, it’s only the first step.”

says an insider. Disney is said to like the idea of having animated movies of Pixar quality for half the price of a Pixar made one.

Insiders say that under the terms of the new ImageMovers pact, [John] Lasseter will consult on all ImageMovers productions, leaving the studio to get “Pixar”-like product without meddling with Pixar’s sacrosanct corporate culture. With the move, Disney is clearly aiming to own all areas of animation once again: With Pixar, 3D animation. With Disney Feature Animation, 2D. (As Animation Magazine recently reported, “During a panel at Comic-Con, director Eric Goldberg (“Pocahontas”) mentioned that Disney is developing a 2D feature titled, “The Frog Princess.”) And now, with its new friend Robert Zemeckis, the goal is clearly to own the more-economical motion capture space, too.

says the article. Calls made by to Disney were not returned by their deadline and a spokesman for Robert Zemeckis declined to comment on the talks, however an official announcement could come next week.

Read the article for more information.

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  1. JarakMaldon says:

    This one kills me:
    “In short, Pixar movies without the Pixar price or wait.”

    They want to call “Polar Express” or “Monster House” films that are of Pixar quality? Hardly!

    MoCap is the redheaded stepchild of the animation industry, I don’t know why Disney would want it. John Lasseter and Pixar understand quality over quantity, stick with them.

  2. Tom Dougherty says:

    This is probably not true. The only reason for Disney to buy this awful production facility is to smother it in the crib so we don’t ever have to see another lousy POS like Monster House or Polar Express.

    I’m waiting for the Dizney spokesfolks to deny this one.

  3. Phoenician says:

    Oh the Irony!!

    This is hilarious, seriously! This only proves that PIXAR’s merger was clearly in PIXAR’s favor, because it seems now that Disney can’t change PIXAR at all . . . to the point that if they want a 3-D film without “scooters” they need to hire elsewhere!

    Oh long live PIXAR!!

    And you know what? If Zemekis became part of the PIXAR team, we could see some great stuff. Afterall, Zemekis DOES have talent . . . they just need a good movie!

  4. Shine says:

    What’s next? WETA?

    /me doesn’t like monopolies

    Was this part of the plan sumitted when trying to convince Pixar to join forces with Disney…?

    /me waits for someone to do an indepth interview with John on these latest things (Cars dvd etc)

  5. bawpcwpn says:

    Well Weta could be a possibility hehehe. Disney did get them to do their new logo because they were the best.

  6. Shine says:

    argh! you are right!!

    /me readys a petition


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