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Dixar: The Aquisition of Pixar by Disney

It is OFFICIAL! Disney has aquired Pixar. What news this is. Finally the rumors are gone and we can now move on.

“The all-stock transaction is worth $7.4 billion. Pixar’s Ed Catmull will become president of the combined Pixar and Disney animation studios and John Lasseter will be Chief Creative Officer of the animation studios, as well as Principal Creative Advisor at Walt Disney Imagineering. Steve Jobs, with ownership of over half of all Pixar shares, becomes Disney’s largest individual stockholder and will join Disney’s Board of Directors.” says Animated News

Here is the e-mail, Bob Iger sent around to the Disney employees:

As the heart and soul of Disney, animation has historically been and will continue to be an important driver of quality content creation for our company. To build on our legacy, I am very pleased to announce that this afternoon Disney agreed to acquire Pixar Animation Studios. For nearly 15 years, Pixar has enjoyed a remarkable run of creative and commercial success, and today we combine their tremendous storytelling abilities, creative vision and innovative technical artistry with our own talented in-house team and amazing creative resources. This now gives us infinit potential for creating new landmark content that can fuel future growth across our entire company and further secure Disney?s already leading role as the world?s undisputed, preeminent name in quality family entertainment.

To Infinity and Beyond!


Rumor has it also that John Lasseter and Ed Catmull announced to Walt Disney Feature Animation employees today that production on Toy Story 3 has ended.

“They said that sequels should only be made if there is a really great story that demands it, and should be the domain of those who created the original film. In other words, if Pixar wants to make a sequel to its films, it will. If Disney Feature wants to make a sequel to its film, it will. But the two will not cross,” writes the post’s author. Fortunately, Lasseter and Catmull are still interested in the artists of Disney’s Circle 7 Animation and will try to find ways to use their talents.” says Animation Nation

Cartoon Brew has comments from animators and directors and producers. Have a read.

Here are a few.

“This is like seeing the orcs being driven out of Middle Earth. I am overjoyed.” says , former Disney animator and director

“Can you believe that?

An animator in charge of Feature animation? Am I dreaming? Is Walt smiling right now? An artist, who has made short films, and feature films, studied figure drawing, can draw and animate, used an Oxberry camera, went to Cal Arts, and loves the medium to death…

is in charge of animation? Is there anything better that this? Pinch me I’m dreaming. I can’t sit still, I can’t wait any longer…give me more great stories and characters!

All hail John Lasseter!” from a ‘CalArts alumni’

“Not too many guys can say they’ve worked for both Walt Disney and John Lasseter, so I can offer a unique perspective.

Different cultures at Disney and Pixar? Naw, it’s the same culture. Eisner’s managers simply choked all the creative life out of Disney. The Disney culture is finally returning to Disney. Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs and John Lasseter will be returning it shortly. This is good news for all of us who love animation, and the Disney legacy in particular.” says Floyd Norman

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Image Courtesy of Animated News

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