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First Review of Presto

Jake Coyle from AOL entertainment Canada has given Pixar’s Presto a great review, Saying "Pixar Short Presto Is a Slice of Heaven". 

I will have my own review off Presto and WALL•E available after I see it on Tuesday here in Munich.

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  1. Sounds good. 🙂

    Ehm…how are you able to watch it in Munich? Is it a press screening or something like that? I want to see it in Berlin. 🙁

    They should at least release the non-localized “WALL-E” in cinemas…

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s true, I want to see it, too (and I would even be in Munich), so how do you do it?! :-O

  3. guido says:

    Yes, Tannenschnaps it is a Press Screening at 8pm. Threre will also be one in Berlin on the 7th at 8pm in the Cinestar theater.

  4. martini833 says:

    It was fantastic and it definitely had that classic feel.

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