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Help Pixar’s Dice Tsutsumi Raise Funds For Japan!

Artists from Pixar and the industry at large have come together to raise money for the victims of last year’s devastating tsunami in Japan.

Dice Tsutsumi (art director, Toy Story 3) formed Artists Help Japan to benefit the cause by auctioning off rare crew gifts, artwork and other collectibles from some of the world’s most beloved animators. Pixar collectors can be sure that for every winning bid, not only will they take home signed knick-knacks, but 100% of their money will go towards alleviating a region that still needs the world’s attention.

Of particular interest to Pixar fans are some of the following items currently up for auction through Artists Help Japan:

• Cars Crew Jacket
The Art of Ratatouille signed by Brad Bird
The Art of Finding Nemo signed by Andrew Stanton
The Art of Toy Story 3 signed by Lee Unkrich
The Art of WALL-E signed by Andrew Stanton
Brave Crew Cap signed by Mark Andrews

New items will be added frequently during the next two weeks. Check out the main auction page for more fantastic collectibles.

Happy bidding and good luck!

One Response to Help Pixar’s Dice Tsutsumi Raise Funds For Japan!

  1. Anonymous says:

    On behalf of the many Pixar Fans in Tohoku, the northern part of Japan who were affected the by tsunami just over a year ago, thank you for helping and praying for us.

    I remember this time last year, I was just getting out of a refuge site in an elementary school. There were five hundred evacuees inside and one-thousand five hundred people outside visiting twice a day for food rations. I was lucky enough to carve out a place on the school gymnasium floor for the nights. What an experience!

    High-fives to everyone!

    Sendai, Japan

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