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IGN’s Top 25 Animated Movies of All Time

The guys at IGN have rated movies to come down to the top 25 of 13 genres of film. They have started with animation!

25. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
24. Pinocchio
23. Bambi
22. Princess Mononoke
21. Fantasia
20. Monsters, Inc. IGN’S verdict – Despite Pixar’s preponderance for stories about terrible toddlers, Pete Docter scores one of the company’s biggest hits with this irresistible ode to rugrats. When monsters-in-your-closet Sulley (John Goodman) and his best buddy Mike (Billy Crystal) accidentally return from a job with a kid in tow, they find that their natural-born adversaries may in fact prove better as friends than foes; before long, their world – and all of Monstropolis – is thrown into hilarious disarray. Crystal and Goodman have chemistry to burn as our wise-cracking heroes, while Steve Buscemi oozes malevolence as their chameleonic competitor. But it’s Mary Gibbs’ expressive collection of gurgles as Boo that brings the relationships to life. Even if it eventually takes a full-grown monster to raise them, this movie’s sweet enough to make anyone consider having kids. -TG
19. Metropolis
18. Charlotte’s Web
17. Transformers: The Movie
16. Grave of the Fireflies
15. Dumbo
14. Shrek
13. The Lion King
12. Toy Story
IGN’S Verdict – It’s difficult to measure just how much impact Toy Story has had on animated films. It launched Pixar into the limelight, essentially turning a smallish studio into a behemoth (although a loving, cuddly behemoth), it challenged the concept of 2D animation, and spurred other studios to join the 3D revolution. Technically superior and visually striking at its release, the movie is not only a tech marvel, it is a heartwarming story as well. Following the lives of several toys and their quest to please the young boy Andy, it is a finely-crafted tale packed with emotional payoff. No wonder Pixar has gone on to make a string of hits
11. The Little Mermaid
10. Beauty and the Beast
9. Aladdin
8. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
7. The Incredibles
IGN’s Verdict – A pitch perfect action-adventure, The Incredibles has something for all ages to enjoy. Written and directed by Brad Bird (The Iron Giant), Incredibles combines elements from spy, superhero, family dramas and action flicks, deftly displaying suspense, action, family drama and a mid-life crisis. There’s plenty of humor and references for a sci-fi or comic book fan to geek out about, while younger kids get a kick out of super-kids Dash and Violet taking on the bad guys.
6. Spirited Away – My Verdict – If you havent seen this fantastic film by Hayao Miyazaki already, see it! It is fantastic!
5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
4. Finding Nemo
IGN’s Verdict – Pixar’s amazing run of success continued with Finding Nemo, which earned an astounding $340 million domestically. Voiced by Albert Brooks and Ellen Degeneres, it is the tale of a father fish who loses his son in the great ocean, and the journey he must make to bring him back. Told with a blend of sentimentality, madcap energy and wit, Nemo made storytelling look easy.
3. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
2. Iron Giant – My Verdict – This for me is Brad Birds greatest achievement! I loved this film more than i loved The Incredibles and thats saying something! I can see why it got number 2!
1. Toy Story 2
IGN’s Verdict – One of the few sequels that manages to surpass an already great original film, Toy Story 2 showed that animated sequels could exist without being inferior, cash-grabbing versions of their predecessors. With a tight storyline, superb animation and great character development (impressive in itself for a film about toys), TS2 helped cement Pixar’s reputation as a studio Walt Disney himself would have been proud of. -BZ

So there you have it!

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  1. Dennis West says:

    I just found your site. I’ll be sure to come back and watch for updates as I’m a big Pixar fan as well.

    I agree with you, though that The Iron Giant should have been number one. There are SO many things that were right about that movie.

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