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Interview: John Lasseter

The Manchester Evening News has a very nice interview with John Lasseter as the Producer of Ratatouille.

They talk about Ratatouille being completely funded by Pixar, John’s thoughts on animation, the infamous Pixar lunch, his role as Chief Creative Officer at WD Animation Studios and a host of other topics.

I thought this piece of the interview was interesting…

What are your thoughts on animation today?
I love it and I’m excited about how many studios and production companies are doing animated features. I would much rather work in a healthy industry than be the only player in a bad industry. One of the things that I have had difficulty with is studios deciding not to do hand-drawn animation because they felt that audiences did not want to watch hand-drawn animation and hand-drawn animation became the scapegoat for bad story telling. But now at Disney we are going back to hand-drawn animation.

It’s a good interview. Be sure to take a look.

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  1. Narcis says:

    Good interview! Thanks for the link.

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