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Japanese Toy Story 3 Trailer Reveals Fresh Footage!

The latest international trailer for Toy Story 3 comes straight from Japan — including a ton of fresh animation!

Disney/Pixar’s promo quickly shifts from the infamous "From the Creators of" route as it begins to reveal the highly anticipated sequel’s deep emotional subtext and action/adventure elements.

Having experienced the film myself, it’s clear that many of the clips are placed out of context but I’m afraid the trailer could possibly reveal some key plot points. Note that although the beautifully rendered preview has a Japanese track, there’s still the possibility of being semi-spoiled:

Those of you in Japan will get to say "Konichiwa" to Buzz and Woody on July 10th, 2010, a much shorter wait than the May-December gap for last year’s Up.

Your thoughts?

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  1. love70ways says:

    Wow! What great new footage. Despite the language barrier, I definitely felt the entire trailer emotionaly. I’m even more excited for the film now!

  2. Mitch says:

    I’m glad I watched this, because it just made me want to see the film even more….

    There seems to be quite a few poignant moments in the movie — more than I expected. It’s such a shame that American trailers aren’t like this. They could afford to take a leaf out of Japan’s book, as the latter certainly knows how to captivate its audience.

    Needless to say, I’m most definitely looking forward to seeing this. Sorry to say, I was a bit skeptical from the get-go, but the more I see of this film… the more eager I am to watch it.

    By the way, I like who they picked to do the Japanese voices for Jessie and Rex. Heheh.

    Thanks for posting this up, Martin!

  3. martini833 says:

    You guys, this is just the tip of the emotional iceberg. This film will rock your world with unforgetable moments, both hilarious and touching. Fact: I cried 3 times.

  4. Pieman411 says:

    heres one in english (still has japanese announcer thou, but all movie clips in english XD)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, it seems that it’s more suspenseful than before! I can’t wait!

  6. martini833 says:

    Thanks Pieman, I’ve re-written a portion of the article to reflect your findings.

  7. Mitch says:

    Martin – Wow. Three times? Well, I’m glad to hear it! It sounds as though Lee Unkrich is following in the other Pixar directors’ footsteps in regards to creating high quality material. I look forward to seeing his work!

  8. Anonymous says:

    WHOA! Incredible! These trailers really just pique my excitement more and more. And, three times?! I’m even more thrilled!


  9. almightybong says:

    The English version is no longer available… =(

    Watched the Japanese one though and clearly, one can already see how this movie is gonna rock!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I got to watch the English one before it got removed. Lucky me. Regardless, this is going to be great!

  11. Anonymous says:

    It broke my heart to see Rex that horrified by the daycare kids. Not to mention his tail.

    If this really is the tip of the iceberg, I’m already horrified by how even these few new clips look. I’ll be a teary wreck on June 18 by 1:30 am.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else notice how more of the old toys have been added to the shots of Andy as a child? We can see Wheezy, Bo Peep, the pink-haired troll and the green snake. I wonder if they were always intended to be in those shots or if they were added because of all the fans on forums saying things like “Where’s Bo Peep” and is “Wheezy going to in this one?”

  13. Anonymous says:

    Martin you’re fast! In Japan, I prefer Pixar films in the summer, but trailers come sooner so I got to be on the look out. The English version was shown in front of the English version of Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonederland’ last weekend. The Japanese version probably on the Japanese dubbed movies. Anyways, this weekend everyone was talking about Totoro in the trailers; that’s creating buzz. When I watched AIW, I even said Totoro out loud during the trailer in the movie theater and heads in the audience were moving to find it. Oh and the last scene in big Japanese letters translated: ‘(I) can’t say goodbye, but…’. That partial sentence just tugs at your heart in Japan. You ONLY say those words someone close to your heart, face-to-face, and for the last time because you don’t when you’ll ever see eachother again. I said those words out loud in Japanese in the theater too. It puts you in a state of shock.

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