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John Lasseter honored at VES Awards Ceremony

Jim Hill Media via Animated News reports that at the 4th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards, Pixar’s own John Lasseter was honored with the Georges Melies Award, a lifetime achievement award for his “pioneering, significant, and lasting contributions to the art and science of the visual effects industry.”

Chuck Oberleitner from JHM says….
Despite the fact that check-in for the 4th Annual VES Awards began just after six in the evening, with 20 award categories and two special individual achievement awards, the ceremony ran into the first hour of the following day. Guest presenter Cheech Marin, who will be heard later this year in the Disney Pixar production of the John Lasseter film “Cars,” got one of the biggest laughs of the evening when, just half-way through the program he said, “Boy, isn’t this a great show. The first five hours just flew by.”

Actor, and the voice of Mr. Incredible from Brad Bird’s film “The Incredibles,” Craig T. Nelson also broke up the audience as he sight-read and stumbled through the description of, and qualification for, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project. Without missing a beat or changing the tone of his voice, when he reached the end of the lengthy technical jargon, Nelson said, “Who the hell cares?”

Be sure to check out the article to see what else happened at the event.

John Ratzenberger and John Lasseter

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