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John Lasseter in Bee Movie?

Jim Hill takes a look at a potential stab at John Lasseter at the end (pictured) of Jerry Seinfeld’s Dreamwork’s flick, Bee Movie

Hill says that this came about after a chat between Lasseter and Seinfeld at Vanity Fair’s 2006 Oscar Party. The story goes that the topic of Antz/A Bug’s Life came up and how purportedly, Jeffery Katzenberg "stole" the idea from Pixar. The conversation then ended with Lasseter warning Seinfeld about Katzenberg. Now Seinfeld took a little offense to this, as he now considers Katzenberg a close friend after working for quite a few years getting Bee Movie made. Seinfeld then made the efforts to get this little part put into the ending of the movie. 
Head on over to Jim Hill Media for the full details.
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  1. MB1000 says:

    I just finished reading the Antz/Bugs story in The Pixar Touch. Lasseter hates Katzenberg, and has reason to. The guy acted like a total creep with Antz. All he wanted to do was hurt Pixar, just to get back at back at Disney for not promoting him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This just proves what a moron Katzenberg is. He’s just jealous that John Lasseter can oversee high quality animated films while he can’t.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jim Hill has the most asinine posts I have ever read. Don’t support the miscreant by even wondering if his “facts” are true or not, let alone judging whether the “stab” at Lasseter was too mean spirited.

  4. bennifer3000 says:

    Katzenberg is a clown and everyone who knows anything knows that.

    However, I don’t think that Lasseter really cares honestly. Because Pixar has 8 films and all of them are better then any of the DreamWorks films. All they do is exploit audiences for mindless entertainment with dirty jokes to get an “edgy buzz” out.

  5. It looks more like Al from Toy Story 2. I guess since that character wears loud shirts it could be John Lasseter, but so do a lot of American tourists. =P

    Either way, it’s water off a duck’s back for Pixar. It is already becoming apparent to everyone (first the animation insiders, then critics, then the general public) who the better animation company is, and who will continue to make quality movies for years to come.

    Maybe Dreamworks should focus on making good movies, instead of taking cheap shots at rival animation studios.

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