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Katzenberg Has Pixar Envy

Metro News has a story on DreamWorks Animation SKG CEO, Jeffery Katzenberg. The reporter, David Germain asked the question, "Is there any Pixar envy at DeamWorks?". "Of course, there is," replied Katzenberg. "Envy’s a good thing, not a bad thing in this." 

Katzenberg goes on to say, he envy’s the "consistency and the quality of the work that they’ve done." He says Pixar have done an amazing job. And he’s right isn’t he? We can’t blame him for speaking the truth.

I just hope Kung Fu Panda is as good as they say it is, just to give the folks at Pixar a run for their money and keep them on their toes.  Read Katzenberg’s full comments here

Thanks Terry.

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