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Knick Knack’s Nightmare and Cars

The LA Times via Animated News reports that along with Barbie, Bratz and Tickle Me Elmo, the small Cars diecast cars, have driven up profit for Mattel (the company that bought the smaller company which owned Rex).

Revenue at the company’s entertainment division were driven up 27%, primarily by toys tied to the movie “Cars” from Pixar Animation Studios.

says the article. Great news for Pixar and Disney.

Also, Jerry at Cartoon Brew talks about how he had a chance to screen the 3-D version of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The original Henry Selick film was always a lot of fun (and let’s not forget Joe Ranft’s important contributions to the story) – and Danny Elfman’s operatic score is one his greatest achievements. A new Special Edition soundtrack album (I snagged a freebie at the screening) contains Danny’s original demo tracks and some great covers by Fionna Apple (Sally’s Song), Marilyn Manson (This Is Halloween) and Fall Out Boy (What’s This?).

says Jerry. Nightmare opens in theaters Friday, October 20, along with Pixar’s short film, Knick Knack.

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  1. JV IS TIZ!!! PIXAR says:

    Cool news!

  2. Phoenician says:

    Hmmm . . . Knick Knack returns to the screen?? With a Tim Butron film? Interesting. This does seem to help the speculation that Burton and PIXAR are collaborating, no???

    Good find!

  3. Just3d says:

    Knick Knack in 3-d!?!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Which version of Knick Knack? The real original one with the huge breasted woman? Or the Disneyfied one where the woman has no boobs at all?

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