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Lee Unkrich’s Latest and Greatest Twitter Updates!

With just under 70,000 followers and counting, Lee Unkrich is widely regarded as a must-follow for Disney and Pixar fans around the world.

It’s no wonder considering he co-directed three of Pixar’s past hits and is directing an upcoming movie starring children’s play things. Lately Lee’s been tweeting some stuff that I think really deserves to be posted here at Upcoming Pixar.

If you’ve been following him already, consider this a refresher. If not, you should really start!

In my opinion, one of the things that makes Lee’s feed unique is that he frequently holds random question and answer marathons. He takes queries about anything really, but his recent Q&A may have been really helpful for international audiences worrying about having to wait a long time after the initial US release to watch TS3. I’ve compiled some of the worldwide release dates below:

Indonesia: June 16th
Israel, Chile, Singapore: June 17th
Ecuador, Colombia: June 18th
Belgium, The Philippines: June 23rd
Greece, Australia, United Arab Emirates: June 24th
Brazil, India, South Africa: June 25th
Mexico: July 2nd
Italy: July 7th
New Zealand, Japan: July 10th
The Netherlands, France: July 14th
China (TBD), Hong Kong: July 15th
Spain: July 23rd
UK: July 24th
Norway, Sweden, Denmark: July 28th
Portugal: July 29th
*Not a complete list, subject to change.

Apparently these dates differ from what’s available on IMDb so they’re good to have. Of course, the US wide release is still on June 18th, but surprisingly some places are getting it before that date! Anyway, I’m glad to see that countries like Japan won’t need to wait all the way until December like they had to with past Pixar releases.

Anyway, some of my favorite tweets on his account are those that include exclusive images from production. Lately, Lee has posted pictures of himself in the recording booth with Tom Hanks, who’s now actively tweeting, and R. Lee Ermey, better known as Sarge. But, today’s picture had me awe struck, it’s a model of Spanish Buzz (pictured above) made on a 3D printer at Pixar! How cool is that?

For more great content, how about you follow the guy @LeeUnkrich? Don’t forget to follow us too for the latest updates on Pixar. Today would be the perfect day to start because we’ll be tweeting along with the Golden Globes!

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  1. I will die of shock if the Australian release date isn’t changed.

  2. martini833 says:

    Rachel- Maybe he meant June 24th, 2011!! 😛 XD
    But seriously speaking, I’m feeling confident that Disney trusts Toy Story 3 enough to stick to those dates.

  3. Anonymous says:

    woohoo! indonesia for the first time! 😀
    i’ve already changed my calendar mark two days earlier hehe 🙂

  4. Deszo says:

    July 24th for the UK? That stinks!!! 🙁

  5. Anonymous says:

    Golly, that 3-D printer Buzz looks fantastic 😀 —Leirin

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