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Mindy Kaling teases new image for ‘Inside Out’

With Pete Docter’s Inside Out a little under a year away, actress Mindy Kaling, who provides the voice of Disgust, recently posted a new photo of the character to her Instagram account. The image, which features Disgust striking a new pose and facial expression, generated over 25,000 likes.

Although Pete Docter took the stage at the Annecy Festival this past June to discuss the film in depth, information and images of the characters has been relatively sparse. It was in February of this year that Mindy first shared a new image of Disgust (also via Instagram) apart from the official one that was unveiled at D23 last August.

As Mindy is the sole member of the cast using social media, Disgust is the only character fans have been able to see the most of. Nevertheless, Mindy’s enthusiasm is very apparent, and it’s clear that Disgust will be a very fun character to watch and hear onscreen.

Mindy also posted a photo of herself with Pete Docter, and mentioned that she finished her last major recording session for the film. It’s starting to look as if things are wrapping up before the June 19th, 2015 release date.

The only question now is: how long until we have to wait for a teaser?

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