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Monsters, Inc. 2? Is Pete Docter Hiding Something?

The Pixar Blog points today to an article from MTV Movie Blog by Shawn Adler where Pete Docter supposedly hinted at a Monsters, Inc. sequel is in the works. Adler’s words where,

"When I followed up with Doctor about [the ideas for a sequel being considered] all he would say is "I can neither confirm nor deny". (And he did it in a nervous voice)."

Is this really proof? Mike from The Pixar Blog seems to think it indicates a sequel is indeed in the works. He cites Disney CEO Bob Iger’s comments on a Cars sequel being "a relatively good bet" as evidence for his cause. He mentions that 2 months and 2 days after Iger’s comments, the Cars sequel was announced. 

However, I’m going to disagree with Mike on this one. I don’t think a Monsters, Inc. sequel is fully in the works. I know my track records isn’t spotless either. I gave more than my fair share of poo-pooing to a Cars sequel. I blatantly rejected all the evidence piled up in front of me because I didn’t want it to be true. His Monsters, Inc.-esque neither confirmation or denial of a sequel seems to be typical Pixar answers for future products. It’s almost textbook stuff on what to say when questions like that are posed.
But as for Pete Docter’s nervousness, well I think that could be put down to character. I’m sure Pixar have tossed around some ideas for a sequel, and Docter does mention this, but I don’t think any of those ideas have come into full realisation yet. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think we will see a Monsters, Inc. 2 in the near (<2015) future.

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  1. MB1000 says:

    How dare you disagree wth me? 🙂

    Let me point out, though, that I didn’t say that I think the movie is “fully” in the works. Just that it’s very likely that something is being planned for some point in the future.

  2. I hope this is all false. I really don’t want any sequels of any of the Pixar movies except The Incredibles. I guess as long as it is good it will be okay, but no matter how great it is, I would rather Monsters, Inc. just be the only film!

  3. bawpcwpn says:

    Ahh right. Well only time will tell I guess.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I Think that the incredibles, toy story and maybe cars are the only real pixar movies to deserve sequels.

    Monsters inc. just finished so well with boo lighting up when sulley entered here room.
    M Inc. should end right there.

  5. E.S. says:

    Agreed. Monsters Inc does not need a sequel at all.

  6. I hate when they say “I can neither confirm or deny” because people who want a sequel can say “that definitely means a ‘yes’” and people, like me, who don’t want a sequel can say “that’s what they always say whenever anyone asks a question like that.” So it doesn’t really help, except to bring up the possibility of a sequel and to further fan the flames of speculation.

    I wouldn’t want to see a sequel for Monsters, Inc. because part of what made the movie so special was the ending and the assumption that Sulley and Boo kept up their relationship over the years. It was a nice ending. You don’t need to revisit the characters and spell out what happens next in the Monsters, Inc. universe.

    And besides, The Incredibles is just begging for a sequel more than any other Pixar film. I’m going to go crazy waiting for it since Brad Bird is tied up for the next 5 years (don’t quote me on that, though), but I’d rather see more original Pixar films, which, face it, are a lot more fun to anticipate than sequels, in the mean time between now and an Incredibles sequel.

    More original films from Pixar, less sequels.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ditto the pointlessness of a M.I. sequel, but I just can’t help but feel the same applies to Incredibles too.

    Why did we all engage with that film? Weren’t those elements resolved by the end? I just think the battle with the Underminer, for instance, would lack that engagement/originality/purpose.

  8. MB1000 says:

    “Pointless”? Why? I’m very excited…

  9. It makes sense why people would want to see more Boo, Mike, and Sulley. But the ending of Monsters, Inc. was done so well that it’ll just end up hurting the original no matter what they do in the sequel.

    In the commentary Pete Docter says “We didn’t show Boo in the last scene because we wanted to leave the audience wanting to see Boo for the last time.” It really would just go against his filmmaking if he made a sequel.

  10. uruseiranma says:

    I think the person who did the article was just jumping to conclusions. The ‘I can neither confirm nor deny’ just sounded like Doctor having fun with the CDA officer’s line the way I read it.

  11. E.S. says:

    >>> Why did we all engage with (The Incredibles)? Weren’t those elements resolved by the end? I just think the battle with the Underminer, for instance, would lack that engagement/originality/purpose. <<<

    #1 – Nobody says Underminer should be the next villain of the Incredibles.

    #2 – It would be interesting to see how the Parrs are faring in their older days, Jack Jack is a bit older, Violet and Dash are full fledged teenagers. At least to me.

    #3 – Brad Bird directing a sequel to his world. That is one director I would never doubt in my life. If he wanted to make a sequel to Snow White in claymation, I’d be first in line to see it.

  12. mnmears says:

    I really find it hard to believe there’s much interest or enthusiasm among the Brain Trust at Pixar for a sequel to “Monsters, Inc.”

    Like everyone has said, the completed film is a perfect little bonbon, perfectly wrapped and packaged. It would take one heck of a great story before I see this getting green-lit.

    Now “Cars 2” makes sense — and dollars — simply because of its proven track record to generate tons of profits in licensing and merchandising. Besides, I think the team had a few characters and story possibilities that didn’t make it into “Cars.” And making $$$ is important to finance original films like “Ratatouille,” “Wall-e,” and “Up” — that are more difficult to market.

    Ed Catmull and I talked a bit about sequels in Mill Valley long before “Cars 2” but after “Toy Story 3” was announced.

    Catmull really wanted to see a sequel to “Finding Nemo,” and I totally understand that visually. We talked about how perfect and complete that movie’s story is and Catmull laughed, admitting that yes Nemo can’t simply get lost and/or kidnapped again.

    That doesn’t mean some new characters and unique story can’t be set in that colorful undersea environment. I mean Pixar is moving from the backyard jungle in “A Bug’s Life” to the South American jungle in “Up” and I’m excited about the prospects.

    As far as a sequel to “The Incredibles,” I’m sure that the brain trust at Pixar knows that many moviegoers would like to see it (at the moment, I don’t count myself among them), but it won’t get green-lit until there’s a great story and Brad Bird decides he wants to make it or hand that task over to Mark Andrews, Andrew Jimenez or another one of Pixar’s next wave of feature directing talents.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Over the past few years, John Lasseter and company, have openly offered up their reluctance to produce sequels to some of their biggest hits.

    However, after putting ‘Toy story 3’ into production, the idea of sequels may be back in play. Let’s face it, they have created characters that are revered by people all over the planet….and to not see these characters again in new stories, seems almost sacrilegious. Imagine, a world without Jesse or Stinky Pete…even Al! Yes, they have to explore new ideas and produce new great films…but, in my opinion they have the ability to do both, without compromise.

    For example, when Disney’s “Circle Seven Studios” were working on ‘Toy Story 3’, ‘Finding Nemo 2’ and ‘Monsters, Inc. 2’, (before the purchase of Pixar), they were rumored to have an amazing, near “shooting draft”, of ‘Monsters, Inc. 2’. But, after the buyout, all of the projects were shelved, as to not interfere with the “smooth transition” of the Pixar purchase.

    I’ve had the good fortune of reading part of the ‘Monsters, Inc.’ sequel…and I must say, it’s amazing, seriously. I might add, I’m not alone in my high praise of the script. Shortly before the project was shut down, it was slipped to a few “high profile” feature animation directors…I’ve seen their “coverage” and it borders on ecstatic. Granted, the writer of ‘Monsters, Inc 2’, had an amazing launching-off point for the script, (the original film), but that’s the point! Disney caught lighting in a bottle…yet, there it sits, flashing brightly as if to say…“make me”!

    Some may recall that ‘Toy Story 2’ came from a script written for a direct-to-DVD release, (by non Pixar screenwriters). But, once Pixar began production, it became clear the project was surpassing everyone’s expectations…thankfully, it was upgraded to a full theatrical, feature film. ‘Toy Story 2’ is now considered by many to be even better than the original, (a debate for another day). The path of TS2 was not traditional, yet, it was still able to fulfill its destiny, as a classic motion picture.

    Don’t you think it would be nice to side-step the “politics” of the business…and let the ‘Monsters, Inc. 2’ screenplay speak for itself? Can you imagine what the geniuses at Pixar could do with a project like this? Billy Crystal is quoted as saying, “I really hope they make a sequel, I love Mike Wazowski”.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care to see a monsters in sequel, but then again, I’d prefer a sequel to any pixar movie over cars. but yeah, monsters inc wrapped up so well. and I cant think of too many ideas that wouldn’t step on the original. they cant bring back boo, it’ll screw up that final scene’s vibe completely. I’d rather have an incredibles sequel. they could do a trilogy of those as far as Im concerned. it would probably turn out better than the spider-man movies.

    also, I can never get enough toy story, if they want to make another 3 movies of that I wouldn’t complain, so long as they were good.

    anyway, disagreed with ya about the cars sequel, all evidence convinced me pretty early that it was going to happen. but I agree about monsters inc. its not in full production and I doubt they have little more than some rough concepts that likely wont happen.

  15. >>Some may recall that ‘Toy Story 2’ came from a script written for a direct-to-DVD release, (by non Pixar screenwriters). But, once Pixar began production, it became clear the project was surpassing everyone’s expectations…thankfully, it was upgraded to a full theatrical, feature film. ‘Toy Story 2’ is now considered by many to be even better than the original, (a debate for another day). The path of TS2 was not traditional, yet, it was still able to fulfill its destiny, as a classic motion picture.<<

    I am pretty sure Pixar were the ones that created the original script; made by Pixarians for sure, but by new people possibly. The script was terrible and people didn’t like where it was going, so John Lasseter came back and got into the director’s chair and busted out “Let’s make Woody stolen by a greedy collector.” Thus the sequel was born. By now it looked so good they chose to give it the chance and let it be on the big screen.

    I see where you are going with this though, but the ending to Toy Story is quite different from Monsters, Inc. That last scene with Boo going “Kitty!” was meant to be the end. It’s easy to please the “I want to see Kitty for one last time!” by just putting in Monsters, Inc. 2. I understand where everyone is saying how it will be good and the Toy Story 2 sequel is proof of that, but I’d rather not see Boo anymore.

  16. mnmears says:

    I think the history of “Toy Story 2” is far more complicated than you imply, anonymous.

    “Toy Story 2” was indeed started by a second unit as a direct-to-DVD title, but when the people at Pixar took a good look at it — they scrapped nearly all of it, brought an exhausted John Lasseter back to helm the project and started over with absolutely no time to spare.

    The story of the genesis and production of “Toy Story 2” is fairly well documented in Leslie Iwerks’ “The Pixar Story,” Karen Paik’s book “To Inifinity and Beyond,” DVD bonus material and commentaries; and several other newspaper and magazine articles accessible by searching Google.

    I love the world, characters and story in “Monsters, Inc.” If there’s a great story to tell in a sequel and interest among Pete Docter and others at Pixar, then I’m all for it.

    I know Circle 7 was developing various sequels to Pixar’s films — but what I heard and read about “Toy Story 3” Buzz recall idea left me sick to my stomach.

    Pixar retaining and keeping the rights to its characters was important in Disney’s negotiations and purchase of Pixar. And Disney didn’t pay the hefty price simply for the ability to make sequels. No, Disney paid for the studio, its talented workforce and creative culture.

    But whether a sequel is made or not to any of Pixar’s films, because of Disney’s theme park rides, new stories in the way of comic books, and the fact that millions of people own the DVDs, these characters will endure and still be entertaining people in some form centuries from now.

  17. You just got to love the new ball game at Disney,it’s the same game but done with new rules,meaning Peaches and Cream and New Guy approch to Pixar over Play or Die tastics of the Michael E. ragtime towards Pixar.

    I was feeling that Monsters inc. 2 was going to happen sometime, but I never thought that it would leak out this fast. let’s just say it’s A gift I know these things before anyone does 🙂 that’s all I can say for now.

    In closing I have nothing against A Monsters Inc. 2,but at the same time would perfer not to have one.

    But that’s the new Disney/Pixar it’s A Marriage now, and each side has to give in a little to each other some place or another,an A Sacrifice will have to be made on both sides(Disney an also Pixar) in alot of areas through out their Marriage.

    Have A Blessed and Pleasent day everyone – ILGAMGnJLA97736 but you can call me my by my nick – KJA it is alot more easier.

  18. Anonymous says:

    <I know Circle 7 was developing various sequels to Pixar’s films — but what I heard and read about “Toy Story 3” Buzz recall idea left me sick to my stomach.>

    Having read many drafts of TS3, there’s no doubt they were struggling with some aspects of the story. But, don’t most/all animated projects go through these same “growing pains” ? I know Pixar admits to that, tear-it down-rebuild-it process, as a common occurence in their films).

    I will say, as the Toy Story 3 “Buzz Recall story got a page one rewrite, it really came alive. I don’t know how it would have ended up, but I know it was wildly fun and true to everything, and everyone, from the original. Unless you have an unusually sensitive stomach, I can venture you would have not fallen ill, on the contrary, you just might have been VERY surprised…we’ll never know.

    Now, this is not to say that TS3 is not in better hands back at Pixar, (that’s a no-brainer), but, many would be shocked to learn there are amazingly talented story tellers outside of Emeryville. Case in point, Michael Ardnt , (writer of Pixar’s Toy Story 3), is a Hollywood screenwriter…no different than the hiring a major Hollywood screenwriter, Jim Hertzfeld, for Circle Seven’s Toy Story 3.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If any studio can make sequels to their already amazing stable of films, it’s Pixar. Most Pixar affecianados, including myself, consider Toy Story 2 to be vastly superior to the first, as impactful and genius as the predecessor was.

    Monsters Inc was the film that had More of a sequel-happy ending than any of their films…except for maybe Incredibles. Cars, although my Son will Love a 2nd, leaves absolutely no reason or loose ends to tie up, And neither do Bugs Life, Nemo or Ratatouille.

    I’ve personally hoped for a long time for a MI2, as well as Incredibles. I dont want my beloved DeskLamp becoming a sequel machine, but some characters are too good to pass up revisiting.

  20. Netbug009 says:

    MI sounds hard to sequel, but if they do it, i trust Pixar.

    It wouldmake sense, seeing how there’s gonna sudden;y be a new ride for it, which is bit off. Usually Disney only drags an old franchise out for long if they’re planning something. I mean, what are all the toys for right now? Not counting WALL-E? Toy Story and Cars.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Apologies if this has already been pointed out but could it not be that Pete Doctor was quoting a portion of a line from MI…“we can neither confirm nor deny the existance of a human child” That would explain the nervous voice too.

  22. Anonymous says:

    For crying out loud, announce The Incredibles 2 already! If there were ever a film ‘requiring’ a sequel, this would be it. It’s simply tailor-made for this sort of thing, and multiple sequels at that. Imagine the possibilities. We could finally see the story of the Underminer, Baby Jack-Jack grow and develop his powers, the emergence of newer heroes in Metroville, an adventure set in the past before Helen and Bob wed, or even the aborted villain from the first film (what was his name anyway? check the Art of the Incredibles for info.). C’mon, Pixar, get to it! PLEASE!

  23. Anonymous says:


    Incredibles 2 needs to happen. I’m looking at you Brad Bird…

  24. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think there need to be any more sequels for Pixar movies. I loved TS2, but a third one? It seems weird to me…and at the same time, it would be cool to see TS3. A Cars 2 makes absolutely no sense to me, and I don’t think I’d care for a sequel. I remember wanting a sequel for M1 back when I first saw it, but I’m not too sure now. As with TS3, my opinion could go either way. I don’t think The Incredibles deserves a sequel. Though it had a great voice cast and funny moments, it was too cliqued for my liking, and it didn’t feel Pixar worthy, or at least original enough for Pixar. But that’s just me.

  25. Al-Bob says:

    I think that a sequal to monsters inc would be great. You could so create a good story by the way they left it.

    A good idea with many possibilities

  26. soue1313 says:

    Al-bob as usual you rock!!!! we’re great friends for a reason: we agree on sequels! and lots of other stuff like legos : )

  27. It did leave a happy ending but with some what of a question of what will happen with Boo and Sullivan when he opens the door… but if they do make a Monsters Inc. 2 they will put in some twist and turns and a surprising new villian.

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