More Stanton On John Carter of Mars

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MTV spoke to Andrew Stanton recently on John Carter of Mars. Stanton said that he is a big fan of the books and wants to see the story done right. 

“We want to make t-shirts that say ‘break the curse’ because I don’t want to be another name on the list,” Stanton laughed. “[The project] seems to keep dropping on the floor. I’ll pick it up this time and hopefully I’ll be the one to do it right.”

said Stanton. The list includes people like Bob Clampett, Ray Haryhausen, John Favreau (Iron Man) and a lot more. 

Read the rest here. Sound off in the comments if you think Stanton and the crew at Pixar will be able to pull off adapting JCoM the way it is meant to be done. 

Last modified: June 24, 2008