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New Cars 2 Characters: Meet Max Schnell + Miguel Camino! [UPDATE]

Max Schnell and Miguel Camino drive into this week’s Cars 2 character reveal!

Hailing from Germany and Spain respectively, these two racers will compete against Lightning McQueen in the World Grand Prix. We had a chance to preview the entire WGP line-up during our Pixar visit, and I’ve got to say, you’ll love to see everyone in action.

Name/Country: Max Schnell/Germany

Official Description: "Max Schnell started as a humble production sedan from Stuttgart, Germany. An avid amateur racer, Max would practice alone in the back roads of the dense Black Forest—a trek that eventually caught the eye of a racing team owner. Soon Max was on a professional circuit, bearing the #4, and as his horsepower increased, he converted himself to carbon fiber, dropping his weight and getting into prime racing shape. He’s won more races at Motorheimring than any other World Torque Champion League car in history. A naturally brilliant engineer, he used logic and analytics to refine his build, and plans to approach the WGP in the same perfectly calculated manner."

Turntable Video:

Name/Country: Miguel Camino/Spain

Official Description: "Spain’s most renowned, admired and captivating car is Pamplona’s Miguel Camino. He first caught his home country’s attention by participating in the infamous Running of the Bulldozers. His flair, style and speed as a toreador in the dozer ring has inspired a generation of young bulldozer fighters, and soon that same speed and verve turned headlights of fans and competitors alike on the Grand Touring Sport racing circuit. Bearing the #5 and the fiery colors of the Spanish flag, Miguel Camino is hoping to race his way into more hearts at the World Grand Prix."

Turntable Video:

Update: The official description and turntable videos for Max and Miguel are now available! Also, don’t forget to check out today’s round-up (there was a lot to cover!!) featuring three vintage-style Cars 2 posters.

Your thoughts?

5 Responses to New Cars 2 Characters: Meet Max Schnell + Miguel Camino! [UPDATE]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or are there just too many characters in the new Cars film? I mean, what are we at…20?

  2. @Anonymous, I think many of these will just be cameos, if you count every cameo, or small part character in the first film you’re at a similar size cast of characters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    gotta say im not to exticed about Cars 2 im still going to support it but what made Pixar go with a sequel to Cars what about a Bugs life….lol

  4. martini833 says:

    Just a couple of notes in response to the comments in this post. So far, 14 character have been revealed. The world of cars is populated by just that— cars— so that should be expected. In other words, I don’t think it’s too much. I will say that all of the racers are essential as far as I’ve seen (26 minutes) but there are a couple that stand out as protagonists. The footage that I saw from Cars 2 was phenomenal— I really think you guys are going to LOVE IT!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What happens in the footage of Cars 2 martini833 – tell me – tell me – please tell me! I want to know. I am the number one fan.

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