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New Cars 2 Image: ‘Plane’ Old Friends!

A phenomenal new still from Cars 2, featuring the Radiator Springs crew, has made its way onto Stitch Kingdom.

It appears as though McQueen and his pitcrew are boarding/exiting a plane. Of course, Mater, Luigi, Guido, Fillmore and Sarge are following the racing superstar around the globe in support of the World Grand Prix.

We’ve already gotten confirmation that Mater ends up on a journey all of his own. But what hi-jinks can we expects from the other Radiator Springs staples? We’ll just have to find out on June 24.

Your thoughts?

(via Stitch Kingdom)

One Response to New Cars 2 Image: ‘Plane’ Old Friends!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That image is amazing! I cannot wait to see this movie even though most people say it won’t be a success

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