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New TS3 Image: The Daycare

A new image from Toy Story 3 is now available for your viewing pleasure courtesy of MovieFone.

The still appears to be from the same portion of the movie that was teased at yesterday in pictures of the film’s scoring. Anyway, the gang is all here, presumably taking in the sights on their first day at Sunnyside Daycare. Everyone, from Hamm to Slinky — even a cyclops Mrs. Potato Head, seems to be excited about a new beginning. That is, everyone besides good ol’ Woody. One can only guess that the pull-string cowboy already has his reservations against the (playfully destructive) children he will eventually meet in contrast, of course, to his long time owner Andy which he misses immensly…

Much like the classic toy’s reactions in the picture above, I was in utter awe at the sheer beauty of this simple image. From what we’ve seen, most notably the full length trailer, Toy Story 3 is shaping up to be one heck of a sequel! But then again, we can’t expect any less from Lee Unkrich and Pixar, can we? As the year wraps up and we transition into 2010, it’s only natural that I get more and more excited, translation; these teases are doing their job!

The "big stuff" expected for this highly anticipated sequel (like new character announcements, pictures and clips) is surely on its way during the first months of the new decade so keep checking back!

0 Responses to New TS3 Image: The Daycare

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m still curious as to why Mrs. Potato Head is missing an eye..

  2. Andy probably lost it because when I was a kid, I would always lose pieces of my 100 piece duplo block set. I think to take out Mrs. Potato Head’s eye is to emphasize how much time has gone by. This might actually emphasize our fear for the toys. It’s inevitable majority kids will lose toys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wait, where’s Bo Peep?

  4. Al-Bob says:

    Why is woody the only one looking scared…everyone else is happy but him…just wondering but does he know something about daycares that they don’t???

  5. Anonymous says:

    What an eye-catching shot… the colors are beautiful! It’s amazing to see Toy Story characters rendered to look so sleek and detailed in comparison to the original movie… yeah, I’m also wondering why Woody looks horrified and everyone else looks so impressed. He probably DOES know something they don’t, since it’s implied he’s one of Andy’s oldest toys and he probably has better “experience” than they do.


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