New WALL•E Featurettes Only With iTunes Digital Download


The WALL•E iTunes page has been updated with new and surprising content!

In the latest update, iTunes 9.0, Apple has added brand new features known as iTunes Extras to it’s ever growing movie library. That means select films now include special features and specially created menus! With an iTunes download of WALL•E you’ll get three brand new featurettes you can’t find anywhere else, not even included on the Blu-ray!

First up is the WALL•E Truck Tour, as expected it’s a look at the lovable robot’s obsessive collection of trinkets and things. Next up is Go Live, this exciting feature takes you behind the scenes of the live action shooting for Pixar’s 2008 film. Last but not least is Trash Planet covering the design of Earth 2800+. It gets even better, with the iTunes Extras download you’ll also get many of the previously released featurettes, some otherwise found on Blu-ray only.

Looks to me like the digital movie download revolution is quickly approaching and getting better all the time! Will any of you download WALL•E on iTunes now that valuable additions have been added to the virtual package?

(via Pixar Talk)

Last modified: September 17, 2009